Saturday, April 26, 2014 / Fake Loan Scam Fraud


Through this message, I inform you that I am an honest lender who comes to the aid of depressed people really needing a loan. I request my offers of loan to people of trust and honest with who I can treat case without any disappointment because I am a man of his word and I give the best loans to my clients without any disappointment. I welcome shows me you give the amount you need over a period of solvency of your choice. My interest rate is 2%. I took all my provisions so that my loan offers happen in good term with the assistance of my Chief of staff. I am aware of the need to make individuals and professionals a real strategic leverage for the fight against poverty, including through the creation of new businesses and jobs. Funds paid to a bank account and the time is 72 hours after receipt of your parts. You'll have to sign a loan agreement and certificate of insurance because my offers are provided by life insurance. Then you are going to present me a debt recognition sign but this receipt of the funds on your bank account or transfer. Your first monthly payment will be made three months after graduation or the receipt of funds on your bank account. You will have an array of depreciation after receipt of the funds on your account that will help you for the monthly repayment.Then above all this suits you, I would like to know the amount you want to borrow so that I send you the list of documents to be provided for opening of your folder and your registration.

How do you want to borrow in € or in $:...?

Duration of repayment of the amount:...?

You are in which country...? 


Kind regards.

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