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Nobles Construction / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Nobles Construction / Fake Job Scam Fraud
Read completely and carefully


Welcome to Nobles Construction
Nobles Construction Ltd was established in June 1995 and originally formed the general contracting arm of Nobles Painters and Decorators Ltd.
Operating throughout the North West, we are one of the leading providers of construction services in the region and the largest privately-owned contractor in Liverpool, delivering projects up to £7 million for a broad portfolio of clients.
We specialise in delivering innovative new build and refurbishment solutions for the education, healthcare, commercial, industrial, leisure and retail sectors.
There's a reason why Nobles Ltd has remained a force in the construction management industry for more than 10 years – Our People.
We believe in investing in our people through training, benefits and the creation of an excellent work environment. We know that at the end of the day, people want to know they’re a part of something special.


            We would like to thank you for showing an interest in being a part of our company. Our HR personnel have received your curriculum vitae for seeking employment.
Upon receipt of your resume, our recruit and the screening board have run through your resume to assess your educational qualifications & work experience.
In this regard' am happy to inform you that we're inviting you to come for the oral interview, as you have been shortlisted for final interview and job appointment presentations, which will be held here at our head office coming this Feb 2015.

Our HR department, are interesting to employ you, considering the qualities which you possess along with your academical qualifications seems very impressing to become a Noble staff.
Hence it’s our company objective to offer appointment letter to you; we shall arrange and pay for your flight ticket to join us in due time for final interviews and appointment confirmations.
Also we will help you while processing your working visa application for entry with the British high commission and their airport immigration lawyers offices, so that you can obtain work tier visa, permit and then plan your trip to come to commence on your duty after job engagement interview and general presentations.

Complete this enclosed nobles staff membership application job form, with either blue/black pen, printing out before filling up the gaps appropriately, scan your application form back to Liverpool Airport Immigration lawyers, solicitors for overseas visa application section via email address below:

Also email back a copy to us, to enable us officially register your details into British labor market statistical data system with the Department for Work and Pension Unit, to help us obtain authorisation to endorse and approve Nobles contract agreement letter and British employee appointment confirmation papers for you. Your resume and this application form is the most vital requirements which we use to match the right candidates for job posting confirmations.

This application form; must not stay more-than:(five working days) at your side or it will be cancelled, starting from the date of issue.
If you have any questions or need our guideline, you must try to write back with your questions for any reasonable assistance okay.

Nobles team managements believe in sharing the success of our company with the people who make it happen – our employees.
Benefits of Joining Our Team:
Flexible working hours to suit you
An Employee and Family Assistance Program
Excellent free staff accommodation for you and your families
Free meals when on duty, and a smart and stylish uniform
A pension plan to help employees in their retirement/contract ending
Employee of the month – it could be you
Paid time off/vacation, plus paid personal days off
Training-we are proud of our training, if you want to learn you have come to the right place
Subsidised free food (3) times daily
A group savings plan
30 days' annual leave per year including bank holidays rising by one extra day after each year of service up to a maximum of 35 days for full time employees (pro rata if part time)
A flexible benefits program that allows each employee to select the level of coverage needed for his or her family in the areas of health, dental, insurance and disability
Fun Environment-we think so, why not join us and find out.
Please note: Applicants must send BOTH their CV AND an application form to be considered for any of our roles.

Full position descriptions will be stated clearly in your contract agreement letters which will be furnish when you return your job application form back to us.
General Vacancies Available:
Administrative _______ £12,715.
Business Development & Planning Manager _______£13,200.
Compliance / Safety Manager_______£12,500.
Distribution Manager_______£10,700.
Facilities / Security Supervisors_______£12,900.
Legal Staffs_______£10,215.
Finance / Accountants_______£12,620.
Human Resources_______£12,000.
Real Estate Development Manager_______£14,250.
Cashier / Payroll_______£10,450.
Duty Manager_______£12,900.
Office Secretary_______£10,508.
Insurance claims handler_______£10,600.
Medical Nurse’s_______£10,850.
Customer Service_______£9,580.
Security Officers_______£7,000.
Office Clerk_______£8,380.
Business Development Manager_______£11,740.
Sales Assistants_______£8,150.
System Engineer_______£8,800.
Senior Adviser and Consultant_______£12,000.
Lead Cost Controller_______£10,480.
Heavy Civil Project Manager_______£12,180 ,
Civil Estimator_______£9,240.
Office Engineer_______£9,760.
System Engineer_______£8,000

General Sales &Operation Departments:
Operational Manager_______£10,340.
Marketing Manager_______£12,700.
Sales Manager_______£11,800.
Marketing Assistant_______£7,200.
Sales Assistants_______£7,100.
Sales & Distribution Executive_______£13,000.
Project managers_______£11,210.
IT specialists_______£9,850.
Chief Financial Officer_______£12,000.
Audit & Assurance_______£10,800.
Billing Manager_______£11,200.
Internal Audit_______£9,700.
Payroll Manager_______£10,000.

Engineering & Technical Sector:
Opportunities include professional and managerial roles in Engineering Jobs.
To apply for any role, kindly fill up the application form, to qualify for the final job appointment now:
Mechanical Engineers_______£9,500.
Construction Engineers_______£9,200.
HVAC Technician_______£8,400.
Certified Welder_______£7,680.
Electrical Engineers_______£8,300.
Chief Engineer_______£15,000.
Civil Engineers_______£10,210.
Site Supervisor_______£13,900.
Quantity Surveyor_______£10,750.
Quality Assurance Manager_______£11,125.
Interior Designer_______£10,100.
Project Engineer_______£10,500.
Property Manager_______£12,100.
Civil Engineer Manager_______£12,780.
Construction Manager_______£11,240.
Environmental Studies_______£9,310.
Soil Mechanics and Geology_______£13,830.
Heavy Duty Mechanics_______£9,100.
Welding and Fabrication_______£8,680.
Paving Equipment Operators_______£9,400.
Skilled Labors_______£5,800.
Construction Manager_______£12,250.
Consulting Services Manager_______£12,600.
Estimating Manager_______£12,760.

Location: Liverpool, Mersey side.
Closing date: 20/02/2015.
Qualification: < High school & University graduation certificates, or any training certificate.
Industry: Real Estate & Building Construction Company.

Note: that you must tell UK Immigration Officer that you are coming to work in Nobles Construction Company, with that you can get visa approval letter and its authorisations pin-code numbers from the attorney desk.

Nobles Construction staff’s and the entire floor management panel wish you the best of luck.
We look forward to working with you.
I hope this provides you with some clarity regarding our hiring process and look forward to you being a member of our company in the near future.

JosephSuzanne 111x111 Ms.Suzanne L. Joseph
HR Manager.


                      On behalf of Noble Construction human resource department , I write this mail to inform you that your job form have been verified, processed with your details & records with your country foreign affairs ministry for further acceptance of your request, though the final conclusion will be made after the spoken interview.

Yes we have process your job application form, which you sent in, you, will now get Nobles new staff appointment & contract letters, immediately we finalized the registrations of your file into EEA-workers registry scheme classification with DWP office.

EEA/EU and Swiss Nationals

Sir, since the Swiss nationals and EEA nationals has a right to live and work in the United Kingdom. This is called a right of residence.

You do not need visa or work permit to come here, so we’re happy to welcome you into our Nobles family as the board have accepted to consider issuing you contract  agreement letters for work with us, this is generally in line with our Invitation to you.

And immediately your contract document is approved by our (HR) director office, then we can book your ticket to join us.

Working in the UK

You can:

accept offers of work;
work (whether as an employee, in self-employment or in business);
set up a business;
manage a company; or
set up a local branch of a company.
You do not need a work permit; however you need to register as a worker under the Workers Registration Scheme.

All EEA nationals need to comply with the registration under the Worker Registration Scheme, before you can take up this employment in the UK.

Though you have all the rights to stay and work in the UK, but we must first process your application file with DWP and obtain EEA Employees Construction Contract Agreement Approval Seals on your behalf and for your appointment with us.

It is Compulsory for every (EEA) expatriate coming to work and live in UK to obtain workers registrar scheme as a legal EEA national.

Government Fees:

Official Service fee for applicants from (EU) are £286 Pounds, plus VAT @ 15% where applicable.

The fixed fee application based rates outlined are designed to limit the cost of making an application and will usually represent significant savings.

You are demanded to follow up with the instructions in this mail immediately today, to enable us facilitate the dispensation and consent of your application file register as EEA employee under British DWP and home office , so that we can obtain your police entry clearance certificate and job appointment confirmation approval seals.

Note: - that you are obligate to send to my name, the above exact fee this week, including the essential documents, for the further processing, registrations scheme and the approval of contract appointment papers, to facilitate our office support and the registration of your personal details into the British employments statistics for EEA employee scheme.

You are counsel to send to our office within 48 hours these listed documents and the fee:

1)    In order to enter the UK, you will have to scan and send/email us the front copy & back pages of your passport or national identity card.

2)    Scan copy of passport / ID card of the dependant applicants.

3)    Full photo image recently taken; one copy

4)    Fingerprints

5)    The Government processing fees, the exact amount set for applicants from your region.

You are instructed to use this information when transferring your processing fee to our office.

Payment must be made through money gram transfer order ONLY.

*Compulsory *

You (must) pay by the following method:

• Money Gram Transfer Order.

Please note that when making payments using your credit card, the anti-fraud measures that banks operate sometimes stop the full payment being taken.

This can happen for a number of reasons.

To prevent this that why we only receives payment through Money Gram Transfer for now.

Use my name and Nobles company address to make your payment, and then forward the payment slips together with your affirmation and required documents to us within (48 hours) as deadline date option.

Here are the essentials details that you have to use for the payment processing fee from any MONEY GRAM AGENT / BANK there in your country.

Receiver Name: Mrs. Suzanne L Joseph.
Receivers Address should be our office contact address: Nobles Construction Limited,
11 Iliad Street,
L5 3LU

Also you have to attach the payment transfer slip from the bank, for our office verification too.

When you arrive at major ports and airports, you should use the separate channel marked 'EEA/EU' where it is available. Immigration officers will check your passport or national identity card to make sure that it is valid and belongs to you in comply with the scan copies you sent to their office through us for genuine.

Good luck.

Earnest yours,
Mrs. Suzanne L. Joseph.
HR Manager
Nobles Construction Company Group

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