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Hello everyone,

I recently met a friends online who is a dentist and their dental is attached to US Agency of International development and she is also a volenteer with the United Nation Global workforce. She said she will be attending a conference both in Canada and UK on December,2013,and then asked me if i want to attend because the flight ticket and visa charge will be pay for all successful participant and she can recommend me, i was a little doubt and told myself just try if that's easy to attend, so i contact this email address which from Global workforce committee in, then they accept me to attend the conference and i have been informed to book the hotel in UK and acomodation in Canada is free, so i contact the UK hotel with email of Tele:+44 8432890815,+44 07946613400

The global workforce committee told that this hotel is assigned by UK BORDER AGENCY so i have to book only this hotel, i was doubt and google the address, it doesnt exist and they say the hotel is very big has 178 rooms, but i totally couldn't check on the internet, so i called them and ask why, they said it's for security problem or something.. after considering i still take the risk to pay them 3 night hotel 240usd to the UK hotel by Western Union. The hotel address is:102Albemarle street, London W1S, 48BP, London,UK
After done the hotel payment, they pass me a hotel reservation slip and we went to the visa process, again, the global workforce committee informed me to pay an amount of 3000usd to the hotel just in case of people leaving UK before the visa due date, and they said they have make an appointment with the visa center near my city and once i pay the 3000usd deposit i can get my visa.. I realized these people are scam when i got the email, and i immediately ask refund from the hotel, but the committee doesn't agree and ask the hotel manager to hold on this money.

During all this happen my dentist friends was keep emailing me and share something, looks like she is really a good person and has normal work, she even send me her photo.. it's hard to believe that i met a scam like this. Then i check their email ip address, both of the commiteee and hotel person are in USA.. I really should check all the thing before i make decision.. Anyone can tell me what i can do ?
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