Saturday, November 16, 2013

Damaris Abraham / Fake Job Fraud

Dear   Sir,

I got your information over the employers portal directory in India and I am making a prosperous freelance venture with you and you can accept it if you are aiming to manage extra income engagement to your current career.  Our company is an animal health and veterinary surgeon Company in UK. This company is pursuing new innovative veterinary drugs for both zoo and domesticated animals that need the use of special herbal Oil found in India for this innovative veterinary medicine. It was me who knew the local producer of this Talibo herbal oil in India, but my condition at the moment cannot allow me to come to India to buy this Talibo herbal Oil for now for my company. My company however has asked me to release the contact of this Talibo herbal oil producer in India to buy this Talibo herbal oil from him directly which I am yet to give them.

However, I do not want to release the contact of this Talibo herbal oil producer to my Company since I do not want them to buy directly from the producer, this is the reason why I have contacted you as a reliable businessman whom I can introduce to my director as this Talibo herbal oil producer in India and to have my Company established this international business transaction with you where you shall be supplying this Talibo herbal oil in large scale from India to our company in UK repeatedly. Notice that, I do not want my company to buy this Talibo herbal oil directly from the local herbal oil producer in india as that will expose the original prices of this Talibo herbal oil quotation that has been submitted to them through me. And I do not also want the local producer to supply this products directly to my company since I intend to maintain the same profit margin from my company in each transaction which can be shared in percentage basis between you and I.

Finally, if you are interested to handle this business as a supplier and to stand as intermediary between the local producer and me, contact me by writing e-mail to me so that I can explain in detail your role to this Talibo herbal oil supply and introduce you to my director as a supplier as well as introduce you to the local producer in India as a buyer in order to continue the supply with my director. This business is based on supply where the company will sanctions money to you in advance to supply the Talibo herbal oil to them and the profit margin is relatively high, also the supplying of this Talibo herbal oil to my director in UK will not disturb you from doing your normal day to day job as my director will always delegate someone to meet you in India for the purchase. Kindly reply me on my email address:   for further detail.

Thanks & Regards,
Damaris Abraham
Telephone:  00448712458266


  1. Is a scam? She ask for money all the time..Help!!!!


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