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Kuwait Gulf Oil / Fake Oil Scam Fraud

No real company hires you without an in person, face to face interview.  An email or telephone interview is always the sign of a scam!
No real company charges any money for a job even for a visa or work permit. Read:
 No real company or visa agent ever uses a free email address.  Read:
  No real visa agent ever requests you pay money into any bank account or by Western Union or Money Gram. Read:
  No real company uses a telephone number that begins with +44 70, +44 871, +44 870, +44 844, or +44 845. Those are forwarding numbers which are not in the UK.  Read:
   Always Google contact information to find warnings.  Read:

I came to know about one vacancy in Kuwait gulf oil UK in and I sent the CV to after5days I received a interviews form from the same mail id and I filled it and sent back. After two days I received employment contract from the employer and I signed and sent back after that I received a mail states that a relocation consultant will contact you. After few hours a consultant will contact me by mail and he sent work permit application form also, is this scam , am pasting the messages from the employer and consultant.

25th October ,2013


Further to our Critical Evaluation of your submitted resume ,we found
your qualification and experience satisfactory for the post of a

For your own consideration,please find attached comprehensive copy of
the job offer. Consider it,sign and return your endorsed copy via
e-mail attachment to This Office addressing the mail to the contact below.


Note;your endorsed copy of the employment contract and functional
contact address MUST reach the above
mentioned Office for accreditation within the next five working days
and all attachment must be in Microsoft words or pdf.

On the receipt of your endorsed copy of the employment contract,a
Relocation Adviser will be assigned to you to oversee your immigration

Please feel free to call or write to discuss any section of the
employment contract.


26th October,2013.


We write to acknowledge receiving your signed employment contract .

Do provide your Residential Address through which all official KUWAIT
GULF OIL, Identification Papers needed for your accreditation on
arriving U.K ,will be made available to you via courier
services,alongside the Hard Copy of your Appointment Letter as soon as
we receive confirmation letter concerning the approval of your
immigration papers.

The next step involves applying for work permit and Entry clearance
visa ,which is as required by the immigration reform & control act of 2008.

(Option 1)
If you already have an entry clearance Visa to the united
Kingdom,you'll be expected to apply only for Work Permit approvals via
the Immigration office.

(Option 2)
If you do not have an entry Visa,then the need to apply for approvals
of your work permit & entry Visa will be mandatory.

An Immigration Expert Mr.Murad Ahmed have been assigned to
process your U.K immigration documents.He will be
contacting you via email shortly.

Please note;at this point in U.K labor history,very limited chances
are given to Non-U.K citizens under Stringent condition . You are
advice to follow carefully the instructions of your assigned
Relocation Adviser concerning your Immigration process.

Kindly keep us informed on these procedures because ,your entitlement
and flight-ticket will only be released on confirmation that your
documents are certified by the Immigration Office.

Sorry for the typographical error,the Resumption Date as you rightly
observed is 13th December,2013.

Thank you for your co-operations.

Khalid Al-Sumaiti

Date:26th October, 2013.


I am Mr. Murad Ahmed , the relocation adviser recommended by KUWAIT
GULF OIL COMPANY to file application for your UK Work Permit. Work
Permit is issued after the verification and confirmation of your
documents by the UK HOME OFFICE (government agency here in UK with the
mandate to issue WORK PERMIT).
It is important to note that the UK embassy does not give work permit,
rather they issue visa after authorization has been gotten from the
HOME OFFICE that your WORK PERMIT has been approved.

I have attached the UK Home Office Work Permit application form.
Details of your academic qualifications and employment history should
be provided in the form. All sections in the form should be filled
except for (Section 2.9) and (Section 7),
which should be left blank. I will provide the information needed in
this section 7.
If you are coming with your Spouse, you are to print out copies of the
form for her to fill. Section 6 and 7 should be left blank.
Information of your children should be included in both forms.

Forms should be sent to me upon completion via an email attachment
with the following:
1, Details of your academic qualifications should also be made
available in Section 8.1 of the work permit application form.
2, Evidence of work experiences. This can either be your letter of
appointment or recommendation from previous employers. (if available)
Work permit is issued within ten days after the verification and
confirmation of your documents. Once work permit is issued, the UK
embassy in your location will invite you to the embassy, you will be
required to go with your international passport.

Other logistics issues relating to traveling and resettlement in UK
will be handled by KUWAIT GULF OIL COMPANY upon confirmation of your
work permit.

The above mention requirements should be provided within the next two days.

Acknowledge the receipt of this mail and revert.


Tel;+447024019897(monday- friday;office hours only)

please reply me

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  1. I got Fake mail from

    These are some of their fake id. They pubish their ad in some of the sites like indiansinkuwait. please be care full.

    We are looking for 3 female / Male trainee finance executive for a oil company in Kuwait

    Salary 860 kd, free food and accommodation, transportation.
    Service charges Rs.86000, advance payable Rs.16000, balance after joining.
    If you dont want to pay advance then please send someone to our India
    office we will sign a agreement with him and give you the offer letter,

    If interested send us your cv, certificates scanned, passport scanned
    one photo and the payment.

    Please note we do not have any offices or agent in Kuwait.


    Gulf exim India
    414 , Indian mirror street, Kolkata,
    W.B., India WB/'2000/'2019/'J54210000329/'


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