Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Why ATM Card Emails Are Always Scams!! 

Address: Amazing Grace Plaza,
2E-4 ELigaliAyorinde, Lagos
Victoria Ireland Nigeria
contact email
Date: 18/02/2013,

Good day to you, this is the second notice we are sending to you in regards to your atm visa card left here in our office, we notified you about this few weeks ago but we haven’t heard from you up till this moment. Many other packages, which we are supposed to deliver together with yours had already been delivered to their various owners and yet yours is still here in our company.

You can check on our website track with The written numbers below and see those whom we have already delivered; they all have received their shipments in a good condition. Tracking number: 415459624 ( already delivered ) This is the evidence of the shipments we have already made safely and no complain. Today we brought out some packages abandon here in our office, so that is where we found yours sealed in an envelope. We opened this all to find out is an atm card.

Attached to this, is a letter sealed in the same envelope stating that this card worth the sum$17,250,000.00USD million Dollars also that it has already been activated for use. Reading down on this letter, which explains that the pin numbers of the card will not be giving to any other person but you and it has to be from the bank First Bank which issued this card.

Get back to me with the following information to commence the shipment of atm visa card
1) Your full Name:
2) Home/Cell Phone:
3) Full Home address
4) Occupation:
5) Age:
6) Sex:

I wait your urgent response. Thanks and remain bless
Best Regards.
DR. Chris

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