Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nigerian Scammer pretending to be Westen Union

Sent: Wed, August 18, 2010 3:17:42 PM
Subject: From Western Union office London UK

Western Union®
Welcome to Western Union
356 New Fetter Lane London,EC4A 1AG UK.
WEB site:
E-mail :

 Note: The initial message which was sent to you from this office yesterday is at the bottom of this mail.
 We received your mail with understanding and in confirmation on the scheduled payment of your funds from this western union office United Kingdom, it is advised that you make effective payment of the required US$200.00 quickly so that we will start releasing your payment on installment as it has been programmed to be made to you at the amount of US$5000.00 on each installment which will be made through western union money transfer and through money gram at the same time.
 This payment of yours must be completed within the short period of time because you are to be receiving a total of US$10,000.00 on daily basses and this means that in a period of 26 days a month, you have received a total of US$260,000.00 from us.
  This your payment could as well be made into four installments a day if you want a special arrangement to make it faster and this will mean twice from Western union a day and twice through money gram the same day making it a total of US$20,000.00 received per day by you in this respect.
 To start receiving your payment from us, you are advised to effect on payment of the required charge without any further delays using the following receiving information as being reconfirmed to you;
Receiver's Name:
Carloni Robert.

Receiver's Address: 502 Eighth Avenue, No 3
Receiver's State: New York

Postal or Zip Code: 100016

Receiver's Country: USA

Amount: US$200.00
 Send us details or a payment copy to ascertain that you have made payment as required and you are assured that your first installment payment will be started followed by subsequent payments through this western union office in London United Kingdom.
 The required payment is to be made only to our payment verification Unit New York USA and once the payment is received there, you have no other problems in receiving your funds from us because we are currently ready to start releasing your money to you but we can only start after you have completed payment of the required charge.

Mr. Michael Winners
Funds Transfer Team
                               Phone Number: +44 770 002 2517
Fax Number:r +44 1913 501 830
© 2010 Western Union Money Transfer, Inc. All rights reserved.
Western Union® is a registered trademark of Western Union Holdings, Inc.

On Feb 14, 2013, at 6:23 AM, UNPAID FUNDS wrote:

The name of the office is PAUF (Paying all Unpaid Funds), it was created with the view of settling all payments that have not been made for over 3 years.
Our office is in Lion Building, Isale eko in lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria and i am Mr. Aguba Kingsley :
+234 80 337 33 112.
 We wait to hear from you soon.
 Thank you.

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