Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mervyn King / Wayne Burmester / LUTHERAN CREDIT UNION / Fraud Scam

Lutheran Credit Union of America
to undisclosed recipients
SUBJECT: Lutheran Credit Union..Credit Facility/Payment Mandate..........

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Lutheran Credit Union write to notify you about Credit Facility/Payment Mandate received on your behalf to remit the total sum of $5,500,000.00 in its real value into your account once we have your cooperation and upon fulfilling your own part of obligation!!! We shall have wheel on ground and set in motion the deem necessary to have the funds release to you.. ATTACHED WITH THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE IS THE PAYMENT MANDATE received from Bank of England to have your funds release to you. Download to view properly and kindly Accept our Congratulations!!!
As soon as we have swift positive response shortly (Wire Transfer Request Form) will be send to you to fill and further instruction will as well be given to you. Once again, if you find no interest in this, don’t hesitate to send us an official letter declare your interest to the effect and ask us to shut-down your payment file completely and if you have any further question, be pleased to call our Customer Care Department Centre Query Resolution Unit" on this official line: (0) 817-404-4818
The Company and its Board of Directors guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of this public announcement and it contains no false documentation, misleading statements or material omission. Be advised that the current situation surrounding your payment, is one as such can be termed as being very sensitive and is presently undergoing an internal security caution under the supervision of the International Banking and Finance Securities. Relatively your inquisitions regarding this fund transfer process, judging from the scope by its inception does not suffice at this juncture. Understand our expertise regarding this payment transaction must undergo a due process, whereby each step is kept in strictest confidentiality from the next step. Presently, there are several economic reforms being put in place by major financial institutions to protect viable customers like you.
During the course of this payment transaction, you would notice some differences in operations and banking actions do not be alarmed because these changes were indeed necessary to curtail the many lapses that have cumulated the breakdown of progressive financing, resulting to a Global Financial Crisis. Being a person of high repute should know the misuse of macro economics and selective deductions when dealing with money matters as sensitive as this payment transaction. Making it very important that we adapt the ancient form of operations which is to direct all necessary progressions of this transaction in one singular movement for successful completion. At end of the day it is a well known fact that the end justifies the means.
To save this institution the enormously time-consuming task, our professional advice will help you in the most appropriate manner for your particular circumstance. We advise you to completely follow through OUR DIRECTIVE as soon as possible to enable us finalize the transfer process. This will prevent the concern authorities from exerting the appropriate penalty attached and do send us a return mail upon confirmation of this important message because the transfer process must be completed within the specified period and do not waste time thinking this is an unserious business.

Yours Truly,

For: Lutheran Credit Union
Bank of England (BOE)
Thread needle Street
London EC2R 8AH
ATTENTION: (Beneficiary's),

This is to notify you that your funds release process modalities will be completed by our Fiduciary Firm. Your case file has been sent over to (LCU) Customer Care Department/Center Query Resolution Unit) in United States of America and we advice that you contact them via the provided information in the attached Payment Mandate with this message and ensure that you comply with their directives and instruction to aid the swift release of your funds to you in person.

Here below are the contact details as fellows:-

Phone: (0) 817-404-4818
Fax: (0) (270) 143-8783
Contact Person: Wayne Burmester

Attached is the Bank of England (BOE) PAYMENT MANDATE...DOWNLOAD TO VIEW THE ATTACHED FILE PROPERLY and in return make haste to contact them for swift release of funds to you, meanwhile, don't hesitate to always gives us an UPDATE due to the lay down rules that governs this kind of remittance/funds transfer processing.

We anticipate to receiving from you shortly. Thanks and God bless.
Yours Faithfully,
Sir Mervyn King
Executive Governor,
British Central Bank(BOE).

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