Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lord Adair Turner / Coca-cola Star Promotion / Lottery Scam Fraud

Received: (
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 10:52:35 +0100 (BST)
From: Financial Services Authority (
Subject: Attn: Your Due Payment Is Being Processed-Financial Service Authority (FSA).

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(Company No. 01920623)

From:The Desk Of Lord Adair Turner
ATM Cash Card Processing Office.
Financial Service Authority (FSA).
Direct Line:+(44) 703 187 8651 / +44 703 187 8651


Re:Processing your payment.

We herewith confirm the receipt of your e-mail as forwarded by Mr.David Spencer in confirmation of the request for the payment of your due funds through our swift ATM Cash Card System.

We have also noted the disclaimer which you put on the person of Mr.Jeffrey Jones,thereby disproving his assertion of your confinement and that you sent him to claim your due funds on your behalf.

The matter has been reported to the appropriate authorities for investigation and necessary action for his criminal malfeasance.

Your due payment is as the result of your success as a winner of the year 2012 edition of Coca-cola Star Promotion that was conducted over the internet with it's automated email selecting machine.Your E-mail address was shortlisted as one of the one thousand (1000) lucky email Addresses selected randomly and has won in the final draw of the first edition of the yearly Promotions.

Hence,you have been declared the proud winner of Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds Sterling (£500,000.00 GBPS) with the below details thus:

Winning email id.....
Lot number...........C.C.UK/0048/0936HP
Winning number......C.C.UK/ 0008857
Winning Amount......£500,000 GBPS
Batch number..........C.C.UK/OP/00142/2012

Having said that,we shall now require your delivery address,mobile phone number and identification which will facilitate the release process of your due funds via the ATM Card payment system.The identification that is being requested for,is either a scanned copy of your traveling Passport,Driving License or National Identity Card which shall be used to identify yourself on the arrival of your swift ATM Cash Card to your designated delivery address.We shall request your mutual co-operation in effective communication and timely adherence to our operating instructions.

Hence,you are advised to communicate with only this office while your ATM Cash Card is being processed to ensure that the safety and security of the ATM Cash Card which is your signature for access to your funds,is properly maintained for expeditious service delivery.

We have commenced the programming of your due funds in our swift ATM Cash Card which will be insured and dispatched to your delivery address through a prime courier company.The use of a prime courier company and the insurance of the ATM Cash Card is to prevent loss,damage or theft while on transit to your designated address.We use only our partner courier company because it is licensed to carry financial instruments such as our ATM Cash Card which shall be loaded with the total sum of £500,000.00 GBPS only as your due funds.We maintain absolute confidentiality in our operations and the details of your ATM Cash Card must not be divulged to third parties.

We require your early compliance to our operating instructions for immediate conclusion of action on your due payment.We equally advise you to stop all form of communications with any person,persons or office(s) purporting to have anything to do with your payment to avoid any complications that may cause delay in the processing of your payment.

The use of the ATM Cash Card as you may be aware is to facilitate the ease of your payment and forestall the bureaucratic procedures that may result to delays and frustration in your payment process.

Note:If you cannot scan your passport or your driver's license,you can as well write down the passport number and send to us for identification of your person.

Further delivery information shall be given to you on Monday subject to receiving the above requested information.

Thanks for your co-operation and kind attention.

Lord Adair Turner,
ATM Cash Card Processing Office
Financial Service Authority (FSA).
DISCLAIMER: The above message has been scanned and meets the Insurance Commission of the United Kingdom's Email security policy requirements for outbound transmission. This email (facsimile) and any attachments may be confidential and privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution or copying of this email (facsimile) is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email (facsimile) in error please contact the FSA. Phone: +(44) 703 187 8651

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  1. Another scam from Financial Service Authority:

    25The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf,
    London E14 5HS. United Kingdom
    (Company No. 01920623)

    Greetings to you and your family and hope our email meet you in good
    health. We are glad to inform you that your pending fund has being
    given an immediate pay out order. With our ongoing financial monitory
    service in all UK banks, we discover that your inheritance/Contract
    funds of $3.7 million as awarded to you by UN Organization is still
    pending with the assign bank .Contact Dr. David Hills for instruction
    on how you can get your funds paid out to you.
    Dr. David Hills
    Tel: +447024017146
    Mr. Peter Morgan
    Financial Service Authority


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