Monday, February 27, 2012

Joan Anderson / BENCH GROUP / . Scam Fraud

From: Bench Group
Date: Saturday, February 25, 2012, 4:01 AM

Attention Agent,

How are you doing today ?hope you are having a great weekend,this email is in reference to the job offer from Bench Group,due to our past experience this past few years with our Agents receiving funds from our customers and using it for the personal use and leaving know trace,after the board meeting this January we agreed that payments will not be made through checks ,we can only wire direct to your credit card which you have know risk because the card must be maxed out to 0$ so you will not have fear about your previous balance in the card and also this helps us to know exactly how much you received for account purposes,also because this leaves us with know trace to our agent so if you are interested and ready to be our agent the below information must be sent to us for our security department to verify your personality and status in the society.Also we will sign an agreement that your information will not be used for any other purposes and your salary is 10% of any sum you receive.

This is as per instruction from our public relation officer,Dr. Micheal Brown.
Sir below is the information required for security reasons so we can trust you and work with you,as soon as this info is received our agents will contact you immediately also the cards you will send must be 0$ balance so that we can be able to give accurate account of how much you received.

1,Name of account holder:
[2] Address of account holder:
[3] Date of birth of account holder;
[4] Name of Card Company:
[5] Credit limit of account:
[6] Billing address:
[7] Last 4 digits of social security number:
[8] Credit card account number:
[9] Name and address of issuing Bank with toll free number:
[10]Last three digits on the back of the card. The pin code

Sincerely ,
Mrs. Joan Anderson
+44 7031954385

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