Monday, February 15, 2016

Scammers Impersonating Ritz Hotel Canada / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! Read to learn how to spot fake job scams!  
No real company offers you a job without an in person, face to face interview and no real company makes you pay any money even for a visa!  An "online questionnaire is always the
sign of a scam.  A free email address is always the sign of a scam.

From: Tim Terciera
Date: Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 10:29 PM
Subject: applied for your ad on Classonet
To: Victim

Dear applicant ,

I am very impressed with your curriculum  vitae on the job that we are offering in our hotel here in Toronto, Canada .
First i will like to get the following  information from you

- Date of Birth:_____
- Marital Status:______
- Place of birth:_______
- High qualifications:_____
- Passport number and expiring date :____
- Previous Salary :_____
- Employment Status :_______
- Current location:_______


- what is the Job position you are applying for ?

- what is the Previous job position you  held ?

- Do you have a medical condition or restriction that may impact on,or restrict the type of work  you perform? ( Yes or No ) If yes , please give details .

- Have you traveled to abroad before?

- Do you have any criminal records back in your country that can hinder you from traveling?

- Do you have access to a vehicle Yes or No ?

- Why do you want to work in the hotel industry ?

- What can you bring to the company if you are employed ?


our hotel understands the importance of protecting your privacy and we are committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988, and the National Privacy Policy is available on request . our hotel  collects personal information from you when you  apply for employment . The personal information that you provide to us  will be used by Hotel to assist in assessing your suitability , ascertaining your experience and  skills and ultimately offering you employment. 

Should your application for employment be  unsuccessful , your details will be held for future employment positions , but will be destroyed after 6 months from the initial date of  applying .

If you agree we can now proceed . i will be waiting on your reply at ( )

Best Regards  .

Ritz Hotel
H.R Management.


From: Tim Terciera <>Date: Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 1:07 AM
Subject: Re: applied for your ad on Classonet
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Applicant,

  Recent submission of your resume in respect of employment at the The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Toronto, Canada. and subsequent online interviews answers with us by e-mail, we are pleased to offer you a position of an ACCOUNTANT at The Ritz Carlton Hotel .

                    The terms and conditions of the job are as follows :

- you must be a serious worker and also we  would like people that are hard working . 

-During working hours you are not supposed to  leave your duty post . you will be free after working hours except for emergency cases 

- you shall be on an interview before you can  be able to  start work here and if you fail the  interview ,we shall get you on our study  lesson for one month before you can be able to  resume on your duty post .

Language :
In case you have difficulty in speaking the language , the hotel will provide you with an assistant that will be helping you during the first days that you will start work  and that will help you until you are able to speak the language well . 

-The salary that you will be earning  here  is  $4500 USD ..
-you shall sign a contract form  which will be  sent to you to sign and bring it over here for confirmation  before you can be able to start work here . 

you don't have to worry about accommodation because when coming to start work here,your accommodation here will be taken care of by the hotel and also you will be given a service car to ease  transportation . The hotel management will give  you free accommodation facilities, free medical  facilities; Annual leave 30 days paid  vacation. The accommodation is such that you can be able to stay with your partner if you are a couple Work Documents so all you have to do now is to get back to me  with the following information as soon as possible so that i can  forward them to my  boss immediately to begin with the processing of your traveling document and he will send them to you when he must have finished with the processing and you will receive them and come over to start  work here immediately . My boss is currently in Cameroon on a work visit as the hotel is opening a new branch in  Cameroon, so he is currently in Cameroon at the moment to take care  of things there .

He shall be processing your work  permit documents and contract document in Cameroon .so i will be waiting for the following information from you as soon as possible so that i can forward them 
to him in Cameroon to begin with the processing of your  work permit documents and travel documents immediately . 

so i will be needing this documents below from you to forward them to him immediately .


Scanned copy of your identity card .......
Your identity card number .................
1 color passport size photo.................
Your current address .......................

The documents that he will be needing those  information above from you to process are your work permit documents that you  will need here as a worker  including your contract documents . So I will be expecting your quick corporation ,

I look forward to hear from you soon . 
Receive greetings from our entire staff . we will be very happy to welcome you here .

Best Regards 

Tim Terceira


From: Tim Terciera tim.ritzhotel@gmail.comDate: Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: applied for your ad on Classonet
To: Victim

Thanks for your prompt response with the required documents needed in processing your traveling and work documents . I will have to request for a copy of your employment contract and forward it to you so that you could also read, sign and revert back to us with the signed copy for proceedings . As procedure require, you will have to provide %50 of your Health Insurance cost (stated to be $1050 USD ) as proof or assurance that once your documents are processed and send to you , You shall come directly to us and start working . 

I hereby put into your understanding that the reason why you are require to pay for the %50 of your health insurance cost is because many people have been using the job opportunity as a means to traveled to Canada and once they get here, they do not come to us nor the company that has spent a lot to processed their documents. So the hotel management has decided that all applicants must pay these fee as an assurance But the money shall be fully refund to the applicants once he/she get here and start working, since it's our responsibility to process all applicants work and traveling documents. 

So kindly let me know if you find our terms on this contract interesting and do feel free to ask what ever you wish to know as soon as possible before my boss could proceed with the processing of your traveling and work documents .
I will have to request for the copy of your employment contract to be fix now and i will appreciate your confirmation, before sending you the contract copy to sign .
Is everything okay by you ?

I look forward to hear from you .

Best Regard ,

Tim Terciera .

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