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Leidos / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  There is no job!  Do not send documents or money! Read  The email address is fake! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

Leidos Company Canada 
60 Queen St Suite 1516, 
Ottawa, Ontario-K1p 5y7 

Attn: Victim

Due to you are our employee outside Canada, we have also decided to interview you by email. There is an attached Letter of Interview/Application Letter to this mail, which you have to read carefully and answer as expected. You are expected to prudently answer the questions and sign the Application letter. 

To proceed further in this recruitment program, you are to provide the following details; 

1. Answers to the Interview Questions 
2. Genuine signature on the Application letter. 
3. Genuine and Valid Educational qualification Certificates scan copies 
4. Scan Copy of your International passport. 

You are requested to send a scan copy of your certificates as proof of educational qualification. Fill the personal information needed on it with pen and return it to us as attached file by email. This form will be attended officially in the office by the company officials. 

Your qualification and work experience can be considered in line with a number of vacant positions will currently needs qualified applicants to fill up. Our HR senior officials shall review the entire fill Application, Interview responds provided by all applicants and their educational qualification certificates. 

JOB STATUS: Full-Time and Per Time. 

SALARY INDICATION: 9,500 CAD and above depending on work experience and field of specialization and note: 92% of International candidates derail or cancel their trip after we have sponsored them. This act is common with candidates from Asia and the Middle East. The Company shall provide air ticket for you to come here from your country after you must have scanned your Visa to us. This will enable the Company Immigrants Department to process your ticket to come and commence your career with us. Moreover, you are expected to follow the company's travelling policy. 

Your readiness with the Visa Fee will enable the CANADA Attaché and Canada Visa Officials to facilitate the immediate processing of your visa application forms and other travelling documents without any delay. Finally, the Company shall open an international account for you on the base that you migrated from there to here on WORK PERMIT VISA and your salary is payable at regular payroll period by cheque. Out of the 65,000 caps for Work Permit visa allocated each fiscal year, there is another 6,800 caps/slots for VIP, special or emergency candidates and this is the batch where you will be placed to enable swift and fast processing of your visa. If you agree with the employment schedules, then you are ready to relocate and work with us. Print out this Application Form, sign and return it along with Interview Answers for proper documentation. 

Your certificates will help us to prepare the documents that will be sent to the Embassy in your Country for your visa application forms to be processed. Kindly find the attached document soft copy of Intent Application Form/Interview Letter in this mail, Your appointment letter and other details will be sent to you after sending us the signed Application letter/Interview answer. 

Do not reply further if you cannot provide the required details for verification and confirmation. Our HR senior officials shall review all the interview responds provided by all applicants and their educational qualification certificates. 

Proper self-introduction interview will be conducted in our head office here in Canada if you are selected to enable the company management know you better. All selected applicants will be given appointment letter soft copy to enable them makes plans to come and resume duty with the company. 

The Canadian Embassy in your Country will help the Company to verify the genuine status of your Educational certificates from the institutions that issued such certificates before the approval of visa to ensure we are not recruiting applicants with fake certificates. 

You are expected to read the Application Form/Interview Letter carefully and sign it before sending it to our Employment directorate. 

Please kindly forward the entire required document to the employment department via email: 

Job Description 

Electrical Engineer, Structural Foreman, Security Administration, Energy Manager, Business Administration/ Accounting, Project Management, Civil Engineer, Drilling Supervisor, Structural Foreman, Mechanical Engineer, Construction Engineer, Customer Relations Officer, Structural Engineer, help support, Chemical Engineer, Biological Sciences, Chemist, QC/QA Officer, Architect, Builders And others. 

Best of luck!!! 

Human Resource Manager 
Minat Freeman 
Fax: +1-613-6996-659 

Next Scam Email

Leidos Company 
60 Queen St Suite 1516 
Ottawa, Ontario K1p 5y7 

Leidos Appointment Letter: 

Dear Victim

Your name has been shortlisted/chooses among the lucky candidate who successfully pass our company application process, we appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our company. We have gone through your profile and your qualifications have made us to offer you the position as mention on your appointment letter, because of your educational background and work experience. Any documents sent to you read very carefully and understand before you lay your signature and return to us and copy to Immigration attach please note. 

In this mail there is an attached document called the Worker's Appointment Letter which you have to print out cooler, sign and return it back to us and also a copy to Immigration attach for immediately Visa processing and other official endorsement. Remember that you have only few weeks of enrollment in our company with all the legal formalities being completed including the Visa/Work Permit processing period. 

Note: All applicants will take care of the processing fee of their Work Permit, Highly Skilled Permit and other relevant documents with our coordinator/Canadian Embassy in their respective countries, our company will provide flight ticket and house accommodation, all the expenses incurred during their traveling document procurement will be reimburse within five days of their arrival in Canada upon submission of all their receipt of expenses. Only applicants who possess the Appointment / Offer Letter have been appointed and also note that we have sent your invitation letter along with all related documents to the Immigration attorney in India. 

However, for expatriate services, employees who do not presently posses their valid Canadian residence and Work Permit papers, they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the procurement of their valid residence and work permit papers with the Canada Immigration Services in their Various countries. 

Also as an employee, immigration attorney will process your working permit in India while you need a Valid Work and Residence Permit. We are providing you with the contact details of the immigration attorney over there in your country (India) so as to make things easier for you in obtaining the required traveling documents. So you should take note of this. 

NOTICE: All employees of Leidos must procure the Canadian valid work/resident permit papers before they can be given first month salary, flight ticket and other monetary benefits which will enable them take care of their local expenses before they embark on their trip to Canada. It is the responsibility of all expatriates to bear the cost of procuring the valid Canadian work/resident permit papers. Note, any amount of money you spend on this paper works in Canadian immigration there in India will be reimbursed after five working days once the valid work/resident permit paper is furnished to the employer. 

You are to take responsibility for your Visa.That the Company will pay for your flight ticket to Canadian after your Visa is approved The Company will refund the Visa processing fees to serious applicant that are able to travel to Canada. The Company will not initially take responsibility for your Visa processing fees as we do not want to waste company money on applicants that are not actually prepared to travel abroad even after the Visa has been approved to them (Company Policy). Attached to this mail is your Appointment / Offer Letter you are to sign and send a copy to the Canadian immigration attorney. 

Note: As for the visa and work permit, due to the restriction on visa work permit by the EU/EEA national because of European Union economic crisis that lead to over 70% of visa work permit are refused every year because of this, the company have decided that You are to contact Immigration attorney in India with the sign Appointment letter also return a copy of the Appointment Letter to the company for confirmation, ensure you comply with her advice and directives to help you process your visa approval without delay to avoid Embassy interview failure, prolong interview appointment date, visa refusal and visa denial by the High Commission office, she knows the best way to which you can have your visa as urgent, she is to take care of the visa process for you as we have pleaded. 

Finally, we look forward to you and the Embassy Immigration officer to give us the possible date that you want our office to schedule your flight ticket kindly give further update on your correspondence with the immigration officer of the Canadian High Commission in India. we look forward to  receive you in Canada for resumption of office. 

You have to contact the below person representing a higher percentage of expatriate status employee with your complete details including tel. contact to fasting up the process in relations to this procedure 

Canadian Immigration Attorney 
Contact person:  Mrs. Judith Chapman 
Contact Number: +919643774303 

Update us with the process between you and the Immigration Attorney, in case of advice where necessary.

Human Resource Manager
Minat Freeman
Tel: +1-613-6996-659
Fax: +1-613-6996-659

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  1. Fake job portal Following your mail, below is the said account detail where you are to remit the fee. On this regards you are to immediately proceed in locating the nearest CANARA BANK within your location and effect the payment of the said sum of 30,730 INR into the below stated account detail as given.

    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2456101505392
    IFSC: CNRB0002456
    AMOUNT: 30,730 INR

    As soon as you effect the said payment in the above stated account detail, the protocol office shall immediately issue a receipt for the same, open a file for you and the Visa procurement process will begin adequately. On this regards, you are to immediately proceed with the payment and get back to us with the scanned copy of the payment receipt for payment confirmation and record purpose.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Hon. (Mrs.) Judith Chapman


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