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This is a fake lawyer scam site. Fake job scammers use them to collect fake visa, work permit and other immigration fees for fake jobs. No real employer would ask you to pay money to a lawyer for any reasons. Of course, no real employer ever asks you to pay money for any reasons. This scam travel agency websites are part of a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! If you are asked to pay fees for a visa or work permit or anything else, the job offer is a scam! No real company or embassy ever uses a free email address! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click on the images below:

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Greater Toronto, Law Office of Charles W. Pley, Address; 102 Sherwood 
Heights Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On behalf of the airport immigration lawyers and board of directors,
An immigrant who is visiting Canada to work for any of the Canadian  
Companies or hotels, a work visa is a document or stamp in the passport (in  
most cases) which allows entry of a person into Canada as the person meets  
the requirements of the Act for the purpose of visiting Canada. Visitors  
must apply to a Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers and obtain admission  
in such an institute just as you have contacted us. This institute must be 
certified by the Immigration Authority for the issuance of the VISA  
AUTHORIZATION LETTER. But before we can issue you the VISA AUTHORIZATION  
LETTER, as requested by the Immigration Department Ottawa, Canada, to  
enable your Visa to be issued at the Canadian Embassy in your country of  
residence. You are required to pay the sum of $592 usDollars for the  
issuance of your VISA AUTHORIZATION LETTER. This is generally mentioned in  
the prospectus of work or Invitation by any Company or Hotel in Canada. 
Immediately your document is Approved, Admission in that particular  
institute will qualify him/her for Working Permit Visa Approval  
Authorization. This is to bring to your understanding that we received your  
message and have also received your invitation letter and hotel reservation  
from Marriott hotels and Resorts Canada. Now you are required to make the  
payment of your visa authorization letter fee of $592 us dollars to enable  
us issue you, your visa authorization letter. Below are the required  
information's needed from you to enable us deduct the amount of $592 us  
dollars for the issuance of your visa authorization letter. Immediately we  
receive the needed information's as stated below, we shall deduct the  
amount and also issue you, your visa authorization letter to enable the  
Immigration compile your entire document and send it to the Canadian  
embassy in your country of residence through DHL for your visa collection.

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