Monday, June 22, 2015

Mr. Anderson Evans / Fake Visa Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  Read

On Thursday, 18 June 2015 3:58 PM, Human Resource Management wrote:

Dear Staff.

         More so, we are now realize that denied of the Asian visa migrants cause by candidates and also for incapability of the candidates to defending themselves by questionnaire and the security of the United Kingdom High Commission. We don't want to tarnish or jeopardize the good image of our noble organization if your visa is denied, we need to have adequate record of your visa processing by paying to the consular instruction, we appealing to embracing the method for our candidates safety. We will monitor your visa processing to avoid visa deny and for urgent need. We have India correspondent account approved by British High Commission in India with the directive of British Immigration Service here in London to keep us monitoring. 

 However, you are required to forward this attachment of your Appointment letter to our nominated consular in British Embassy in India whose details are stated below. And contact him on his number for immediate processing of your Visa. More so, your Appointment Letter and Flight Ticket will be D.H.L to the Consular in charge of your Visa processing as soon as we received message from the nominated consular that your Visa is ready. Note for family candidate you free to contact our consular so that he can able to issue your visa along with your family. 

  NOTE - Been an urgent Approval your visa is non-appearance processing until the date of your visa stamping, all necessary document has been send to our nominee consular in charge. 
Consular Name: Mr. Anderson Evans
Contact Number: +919930229084.

 It has been in awareness of each company's in United Kingdom {UK} for those candidate in Asia under the immigration act 1971 as amended by the national immigration Asylum act 2002.that non migrant that he / she object the rule and regulation of any authoritative appointee consular attached to his or her visa processing shall liable to disqualify his / her visa application and also it an highly offense for each candidates to disclose the information or identity of the nominee consular in charge of his / her visa to any third party in Asia due to safety of British nationality in Asia. Asylum act 2002, as amended by the nationality of British immigration act 2004.let your nominee consular performing their function by give maximum cooperation to him. In accordance with the data protection Act 1998.submit all your relevant paper which you will be need to procure your visa including your visa charges. Make sure that your information submit by you and paper also submit by you is correct to the best of your knowledge and also he will surely give you information on your working permit. 
NOTE: Your Appointment was given on Urgent needed in our Organization. And you are to be in your office one month from the date of appointment, you need to start your visa processing immediately, 
Thanks for your Co-operation, 

Mr A Raymond
Appointing Authority

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