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This a fake job scam!  Read www.scam-job-emails.tk

From: THE WALSH GROUP CANADA thewalshgroup@mit.tc (Free Email Address=Scam)
Date: Sat, May 17, 2014 at 9:54 AM

THE WALSH GROUP CONSTRUCTION CANADA (These are scammers impersonating the real company)
 2700 Steeles Ave W, Vaughan, 
 ON L4K 3C8, Canada 
 Tell: +12892756904 
 http://www.walshgroup.com/ (Website Does Not Belong To Scammers)


our office got your resume CV on timesjobs website relating to the direct employment going on in our company for consideration; your resume CV has been short listed for The Walsh Group Construction, By the Company Management, on behalf of this organization. We generally welcome you to be one of our candidates if selected for employment, who will be working in our company in no distant time. Your resume is quite interesting and has made you eligible to work in our company if your interview responds is considered by our company management.

We are having number of vacancies in our company in which your qualification is in line with. So all you need to do is to patiently follow our recruiting procedure as we proceed.

Attached to this mail is Interview questionnaire and Agreement Letter, which you have to respond to all the questions and provide the needful answers correctly, as it will be reviewed officially in the office by the concerned company officials.

NOTE: Those who are eligible to submit this Interview Letter for this job offer are those that have their international passport on standby and ready to relocate to the job location once their application is considered without delay.
We are anticipating a quick response to the interview, which you have to answer and return to us along with a copy of your singed Agreement Letter and international passport, educational certificates qualification scan copies as claimed by you if you are serious for verifications to enable us do the needful due process of travel arrangement if you are duly selected to have passed the interview. Self introduction interview will be conducted on arrival in Canada to defend your work experience and certificates.

Then you will be informed of the next step to be taken. You should be fast with this enrollment because, time is no longer on our side now. As we expect selected candidates to be in Canada on June 2014. Thank you for choosing a career with us.

Best regards
Craig Lesurf
General Manager
The Walsh Group Construction Canada

Please read carefully because this applies to every job offer you receive!  99% of email job offers are scams!  No real company hires you without an in person, face to face interview.  An email, online or telephone interview is always a scam! No real company ever charges any money for a job even for a visa or work permit! If they want you to pay and say they will refund the costs, you will just send money to a fake embassy official, travel agency or lawyer who is a really a scammer! Read:  www.scam-job-emails.tk  No real company, government or visa agent ever uses a free or public email address (yahoo.com gmail.com hotmail.com, aol.com, etc.)  Email addresses like diplomats.com, counsellor.com, consultant.com, lawyer.com etc. are also free email addresses.  Read: www.scam-email-addresses.tk No real visa agent ever requests money via wire to a bank account or by Western Union or MoneyGram. Read: www.never-wire-money-to-strangers.tk No real company uses a telephone number that begins with +44 70, +44 871, +44 870, +44 844, or +44 845. Those are forwarding numbers which are not in the UK.  Read: www.scam-telephone-numbers.tk If the company does not have a website or the website does not work, it is a scam!  Do not assume a website is legit!  Read www.scamwebsites.tk There are no exceptions!  Don't let a scammers convince you otherwise!  A scammer is only as smart as his victim is naive!  If something sounds too good to be true, it is a scam! Publicity defeats scammers.  Post the scam emails you receive and warn your friends! Always "Google" all telephone numbers, email addresses and websites in any job offer to see if it has already been posted as a scam!


  1. Attention, 
    The Human Resource Department of The Walsh Group Construction Canada office wish to inform you that, your application CV has been properly reviewed with your educational qualification Submitted details.
    Your Name has been considered for employment with our Company as one of our new employees who has successfully passed the Email Interview as it was expected.
    Your qualification experience and eligibility to work in our company has been confirmed By The Walsh Group Construction Canada office Management. So you are expected to get all your traveling documents ready through the assistant of our zonal coordinator on traveling Visa fast approval, who is a senior officer working with Canadian High Commission in India.
    You are to contact our Zonal Embassy officer in India because of the express traveling approval of Working Visa documents, considering the documents that you may be required to present before the Canadian High Commission and the nature of interview that you might face, the time and Visa delay, which might not be all that favorable to you, thereby resulting to refusal of the visa to you.
    We therefore, decided to establish a responsible cordial relationship with senior Diplomats in the Embassy for fast approval of Work Visa to our selected applicants without delay and long visa protocol. 
    Note: That the entire traveling documents and formalities required by you should be obtained from the Canadian High Commission in your Country, according to the company's management schedules.
    Now you have to send this Intent Appointment Letter to the Respected Senior Diplomat at the Embassy via mail for confirmation in the Canadian High Commission New Delhi India, this will prove that you are our employee and all necessary help should be availed to you.
    Kindly find the attached document soft copy of Intent Appointment letter in this mail.
    Your documents have been submitted to the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi India for further processing. Your file will be open by the Officer in Canadian Embassy office on your behalf for the Visa process.
    As it was stated in the appointment letter soft copy; (a) You are to take responsibility for your Visa fees. (b) That the Company will pay for your flight ticket to Canada after your Visa is approved (c) The Company will refund the Visa processing fees to serious applicant that are able to travel to Canada. (d) The Company will not initially take responsibility for your Visa fees as we do not want to waste company money on applicants that are not actually prepared to travel abroad even after the Visa has been approved to them.
    You have to immediately contact affiliate Embassy staff with the below contact details:

    DIPLOMANT: Peter Erik
    TEL: + 91-801-077-3334
    EMAILS: delhi-im-enquiryinternational@diplomats.com
    Please Endeavor to update us on your successful processes with them for liaison purpose and scan copy of your Visa page as soon as your Visa is stamped to enable my office book for your flight ticket to Canada for your resumption of duty as stated in your appointment letter.
    Michael .C. Whelan
    President and Employment Director

  2. THE WALSH GROUP CONSTRUCTION CANADA 2700 Steeles Ave W, Vaughan, ON L4K 3C8, Canada Tell: +16137041475 Fax: +13373859550 Website: http://www.walshgroup.com/ To whom it may concern
    Appointment Offer Letter Soft Copy
    Dear, K.N.BALAJEE We have pleasure in appointing you as ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGER (Manufacturing Department) at The Walsh Group Construction, with job Ref No. Twg/05176/ca. Job Location: Vaughan. Your employment with take Effect from November 21, 2014, on the following terms and conditions:
    You will be entitled to a basic salary of $10,500 USD per month after tax and other benefits as applicable to your category of employees, details are given in Annexure. Compensation details: Hazard/Inconvenience: $360 USD (monthly) Car Maintenance: $300 USD (Monthly) House & Furnishings: $2,000 USD (Yearly) Entertainment & Recreation: $150 USD (Monthly) Travel & Event: $450 USD (Monthly).
    FEEDING & ACCOMMODATION: Newly recruited staff of The Walsh Group Construction Canada, (You) will reside at the company's Staff estate. There are Single Bed-room and Flat options to choose from. You shall eat at the staff canteen free of charge as there are dietary options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
    C.MEDICAL EXPENSES: We will provide you with comprehensive Health care and Medical checkup. During the one Month training program the employee will undergo series of medical test Such as HIV Test, Malaria test, Yellow Fever and Tuberculosis. Your reporting and responsibilities will be advised to you by your Departmental Head or any person nominated by him/her. It is expected that you will discharge your assigned responsibilities with high standard of performance, quality, integrity, and discipline You will be initially at probation. However, your services are transferable to any Section/Department, Location, Office, Associate or Sister Concern or Subsidiary at any place in Canada or abroad, whether existing today or which may come up in future, at any time at the sole discretion of Management. In such case, you will be governed by the terms and conditions of the services applicable to new placement/location. You will be on probation for a period of three months from the date of your joining. The probation period may be extended for such term as may be considered appropriate by the Management. Upon satisfactory completion of your probation, your services will be confirmed by written order with the Company. During the probationary period and any extension thereof, your services may be terminated on either side by giving one-week (7 days) notice or salary in lieu thereof. However, on confirmation the services can be terminated from either side by giving one-month notice or salary in lieu thereof.
    Upon termination of employment, you will also return all company property, which may be in your possession. It would be obligatory on your part to get a
    proper relieving letter from the Management before your services are deemed to be concluded. You shall, while in the services of the company, devote your full time and attention exclusively for the Company’s work and responsibilities assigned to you. You shall not engage in any other commercial/business pursuit, either part time or otherwise, for any monetary gains. You shall be obliged to follow the work processes, technical standards, protocols and general instructions issued thereof, and service rules of the Company as in force and/or amended from time to time. You shall automatically retire from the services of the company on attaining the age of 61 years. Your appointment is subject to your being medically sound and remaining medically fit. If any information furnished or declaration given by you in regard to your employment to the .
    Yours faithfully,
    I have read the terms and conditions of this letter of appointment and confirm my acceptance of the same (Signature………… Date……………….)


    2700 Steeles Ave W,
    Vaughan, ON L4K 3C8, Canada

    The Employment office of WALSH Construction Canada office has approved the employment of qualified interested applicants into the following vacant positions available to enhance quality service delivery in our Canada office. Once you apply online, And your qualifications match our requirements, we will contact you for additional information for your interview,Qualified Medical Doctors, Service Technicians, Facility Maintenance, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineer, Heavy Duty Drivers, Project supervisors, Technical Design Engineers, Welding and supervisors, construction engineer, sales Marketers, Administrative executives, Geology project managers, Accountants, Environmental Experts, Office assistants, Civil Engineers, Plant Startup, Machine Operators, Construction and Installation experts ETC.


    Net Monthly salary after Tax: $9,450 Insurance-Paid Vacation benefit-Regular training and promotion-Study Scholarship to one child of each Employee-Medical care and accommodation for full time employees-Pension and Gratuity.

    We offer-full time and part-time

    Full-time for Staffs and part-time for Casual workers.
    Serious Applicants are to submit their Educational Qualification Certificates and Resume CV through this email address below for Verification and Consideration. Do not apply if you do not have Educational certificates and International passport.


    Human Resource Department.


    Head Office: 5673 Montana Close Sacramento,
    CA 78642 United States.


    I'm in receipt of your mail with the attached filled application form that was sent to you. We appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our company. We have gone through your profile and your qualifications with your age of experience, this have made us to consider to offer you the position of "Administrative Executive" this is because of your lengthy work experience but this position becomes official when the management have concluded, which will be coming up after you agree with the terms and condition of this company by signing this contract with us.
    However, attached to this mail is Contract Agreement Letter, which you are to print, sign and return to us immediately for other official protocols if you accept the conditions. You must know that we have few weeks of enrolment in our company with all the legal formalities being completed including the Visa and Ticket processing period. The Company has provided a free accommodation that befits family size not exceeding 5 occupants in its housing estate for its employee. This means that you are not providing any accommodation for yourself throughout the period you are working with us.

    The Company shall provide air ticket for you to come here from your country after you must have scanned your Visa to us. This will enable the Company Transportation Department to process your ticket to come for your career with us. Moreover, you are expected to follow the company's traveling policy. (Company Policy) Your readiness with the Visa will enable the United State Attaché and United State Visa Officials to facilitate the immediate processing of your visa application forms and other traveling documents without any delay.
    Finally, the Company shall open an international account for you on the account that you migrated from there to here on WORK VISA and your salary is payable at regular payroll period by cheque.

    If you agree with this employment schedules, and ready to relocate and to work with us, print out this contract agreement and sign it after reading and send it back to us for office use. Nevertheless, having read and accepted the norms and ethics of this Company/Contract Agreement, you are requested to send a scan copy of your certificates as proof of educational qualification, if only you haven't send to us before. Your certificates will help us to prepare the documents that will be sent to the Embassy in your Country for your visa application forms to be processed.

    Best regards,
    Human Resource Manager
    John Richard
    Tel: +19108300188

  5. Wenic International Ltd Appointment Letter.


    This is an affirmation that your experience and qualifications where found successful for the requirements of Wenic International Ltd and to these effect only applicants who possess the Appointment have been appointed.

    However, for expatriate services, employees who do not presently possess their valid United State Residence Work Permit Papers, they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the procurement of their valid residence and work permits papers with the United State Immigration Services in their various countries.

    Also as an employee of Wenic International, Immigration Officer will process your working permit in India. We are providing you with the contact details of the Immigration Officer over there in your country (India) so as to make things easier for you in obtaining the required traveling
    documents. So you should take note of this.

    As it is stated in the Agreement letter soft copy; (a) That the Company will pay for your flight ticket to United State after your Visa is approved (b) The Company will refund the Visa processing fees to serious applicant that are able to travel to United State. (Company Policy). Attached to this mail is your Appointment Letter.
    You are to sign and send a copy to the United State immigration attorney.

    Note: As for the visa and work permit, due to the restriction on visa work permit by the United Nation economic crisis that lead to over 70% of visa work permit are refused every year because of this, the company have decided that You are to contact Immigration attorney in India with the sign Appointment letter and sign agreement letter also return a copy of the Appointment Letter to the company for confirmation, ensure you comply with her advice and directives to help you process your visa approval without delay to avoid Embassy interview failure, prolong interview appointment date, visa refusal and visa denial by the High Commission office, she knows the best way to which you can have your visa as urgent, she is to take care of the visa process for you as we have pleaded.

    Finally, we look forward to you and the Embassy Immigration officer to give us the possible date that you want our office to schedule your flight ticket kindly give further update on your correspondence with the
    immigration officer of the United State High Commission in India. We look forward to receive you in United State for resumption of office.

    You have to contact the below person representing a higher percentage of expatriate status employee with your complete details including tel. contact to fasting up the process in relations to this procedure

    US Immigration Attorney
    Contact person: Mrs. Roseth Chapman
    Contact Number: +918587060992
    Update us with the process between you and the Immigration Attorney, in
    case of advice where necessary.

    Best Regards,
    Dr. Johnson Richard
    Human Resource Manager
    Wenic International Ltd.
    Tel: +19108300188

  6. Workers Are Urgently Needed In (Walsh Construction Company, Canada). Accommodation And Flight Ticket To Canada Will Be Provided. Vacancies For Cleaners, Gardeners, Stewards, Waiters, Drivers, Bar Attendants, Plumbers, Laboratories, P.R. Managers, I.T. Professionals, Store Keepers, Computer Operators, Civil Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Software Engineers, Supervisory Engineers, Network Engineers, Field Engineers, Project Engineers, Project Managers, Site Safety managers, Safety Managers, Safety Specialist, Equipment Managers, Estimating, Project Administrative Assistants, Project Administrators, Building Contractors, Food And Beverage Experts, Back Office and Front Office, Marketing, Surveyor, Executives, Office Assistants, Quality Control, Medical And Health Officers, Multifamily Residential, Real Estate, Human Resources, Education, Nutritionists, Room Attendants, Language Translators, Watchmen, Receptionists, Clerks, Tour Guards, Cooks, Accounting, Technicians, Web Designers, And Programmers.
    Interested Applicants Can Submit Their Detailed CV via Email to: {engr.craiglesurf@outlook.com }
    NOTE: Do Not Apply If You Do Not Have A Valid International Passport.
    Engr. Craig Lesurf.

    I received this mail

    1. This is scam or true.. Because i have recived same email like above

    2. Of course it is a scam! The post could not be more clearer! If you have this much trouble reading English, you should not even think about looking for work on the internet. 99% of the job offers on it are scams! Try to read www.scam-job-emails.tk

  7. Our office received your resume CV relating to the direct employment going on in our company, your resume CV has been short listed from Walsh construction Canada by the Company management.
    Kindly answer the interview questions and sign the Agreement letter on the attached copy, also send us your genuine and Valid Educational qualifications
    Certificates scan copies and Scan Copies of your International passport.
    Your qualification and work experience can be considered in line with a number of vacant positions.
    Our HR senior officials shall review all the interview responds provided by all applicants and their educational qualification certificates.

    Best Regards,
    General Manager,
    Craig Lesurf


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