Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jack Zellman / Scammer

On Jul 5, 2013, at 7:52 AM, JACK ZELLMAN. jackzellmanjack1@hotmail.com wrote:
Attn: Sir.

Please note this, you don’t need to border yourself again on how you will receive  your Two Abandoned Consignment Boxes  with the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, because I have concluded with the Homeland Security and other authorities by submitting on your behalf the legal documents that proves you as the beneficiary of the boxes,  But as I was about to Board the flight, they required me to present an AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE from the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT, because your money was originated from the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT; otherwise, the flight company would not board me with your consignment boxes again. But after obtaining all the necessary documents and submit them to the needed authorities, I have no more money again left with me.  And they insisted that you must obtain the AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE with your name in their office in Nigeria to prove you the real owner of the consignment boxes, therefore, with the receipt of payment on your name, other government agents will recognize the consignment luggage as genuine and legitimate having received Heartfield int'l airport Atlanta GA satisfactory examination.

Now, to obtain the AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE from the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT will cost $250, please try to help me and help yourself too by sending this little $250 only on the name as below to enable pay and obtain the AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE and I will proceed immediately with the boxes to meet you. Please send the $250 on your name to the below information to enable the Nigerian Authority issue the AUTHORIZED AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE that will authorize the flight company to board me with your consignment boxes.


Send the money through western union only and email me the reference information as soon as possible being that this is the only responsibilities better called role you will play in helping us realize this consignment.

I am supposed to leave Atlanta immediately to your Airport immediately I receive the AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE is been obtain from the Nigerian authority, because this will be the most reliable transaction we have gotten in this whole delivery process and that is the more reason I have decided to transport the boxes by myself to your address for us to share the funds as agreed by both side.  However, your kind gesture and recognition of my effort is enormous. Note, I will be at your disposal in case you prefer to meet me up at your Airport upon my arrival or I will proceed to your address with a truck.

My colleague paid for a one way ticket for me with his money to pay him back when I return back to Atlanta which he has agreed but I did not tell him anything about this transaction. Please do provide a Counting Machine if you can and keep because we have to count all the money and share it as agreed to avoid cheating from any side. Attached are the copies of the documents. Please call me immediately you receive this message.

Please note that the $250 must be provided by the beneficiary been you the owner of the consignment boxes to enable the NIGERIAN AUTHORITY issue the AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SHIPMENT PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE with your name. 

Attached are my ID CARDS for facial identification upon my arrival at your local airport

Director Airport Inspection Officer.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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