Sunday, July 21, 2013

DR. ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ / Fake Scam Fraud

Your reluctant is really pissing me off in this transaction and I am sick and tired of it. However, just be informed that today is the last day given to us by the authorities to comply in making the required payment for the Bank deduction fee. And note that the authorities has vowed not to grant us any further time extension after today. Listen this fund $10,000,000.00 belong to you as the beneficiary and the official amount is being allocated to you by (IMF) international Monetary Fund, this is comprises of your previous transactions from Africa Europe and united states which was not successfully paid by the appropriate authorities,
so the official and boards of directors now complete the clearing of your fund officially and they informed us to pay you that is the main reason why I the Executive Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia is hereby subjected to handle this case personally by myself because of my professional skills in (international funds transfer) and all the procedures are professionally handle and I must make sure we complete the official clearing process of this transaction through waiver deduction procedure, this policy has been prove and tested, we must make sure we protect this transaction legally and you must also understand that this transaction is very serious for us and we need to be handle with it with care to avoid any embarrassment for you in near future.

What we are doing is very simple to protect beneficiary of the fund as our client that is the reason why we are professionals, we know the procedures that is why we introduce Waiver Deduction Certificate and we must abide by the procedures and we are banker of the government , we don’t deal with an individual, we intervene in this critical issue because of what we observed that has been going on with the depositors that claim that they are helping you clear your fund but keep on demanding upfront payment from you, to the extent that they want to move this fund out of this place without your consent that is why we intervene.

Please understand that I know how to follow the procedures accordingly that is why I introduce waiver deduction procedure and the main reason why I decided to handle this clearance officially by myself to avoid any questioning in the near future because if we go against the rules and regulation of depositors and beneficiary and make the transfer or decided to work through the back door, that means we will be cut short by the laws which we also among the makers and everything will be fall back on all of us and we must not allow it to happen that is why I insist on waiver deduction procedure whereby your beneficiary status will be legally confirm since you are not the depositor of the fund.

I am going to support you with $70 and you are going to pay the balance of the fee so go ahead right now and send the balance of $180 to the Malaysian Ambassador to Nigeria MR. FATAI GANIYU LAGOS NIGERIA. The reason why you are mandated to pay the fee to the nigeria is because Nigeria is the fund origin country and that is where the fund origin certificate that authenticate your true beneficiary status of the fund will be procure with the Bank waiver deduction certificate before forwarding the waiver certificate to the remittance department of the paying bank that will effect the swift wire transfer of your fund to your local account then all your withdrawal tools such as ATM card and checkbook with all the hard copy's of the original document that backup this transaction.

You are advised to pay $180 out ofthe $250 so that i can support you with the remaining balance from my own pocket for a waiver certificate because the fee will automatically waives all the charges attracted to this transaction. The waiver deduction fee is stipulated and Must be paid by the beneficiary and there won't be any more fees. This certificate clears you any where in the world. It was generally accepted by all the financial bodies in the World.

Kindly use the information below to send the fee $180 via western union money transfer .


Get back to me with the MTCN so that your transaction can be completed.

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Yours in service.
TEL: +1 (940) 448-0049 available to receive SMS ONLY 

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