Monday, July 22, 2013

Dreamway Solutions Scam

Fake job offers from dream way solution consultants baroda guajrat


Dear Folks,

I am sure by this time hundreds of people had made a call or visited DWSC at least once.Now I strongly feel that it's high time and something should be done at the point of time. They couldn't full-fill the commitments they've made to promising candidates till this time.They assurance were pure fake. They can't process any thing.I would like to make you vigil that they are good for nothing, and if you are serious with your career and future , do approach trusted and reputed consultants in India who offer similar services.None has gone to Canada and Australia from my knowledge.I had personally collected data of many candidates and when I check , they are still in India even after 6-8 months. And all these people seeks work permit. I wonder this is the time period required for a migration.

So wass happening?
Just scam.
I 've got every proof to prove the same.
Vice versa if you happen to read the blog , and feels disturbed I challenge you to prove your statement.
Folks just stay away from these guys. They will loot your hard earned money.
The Desi girls occupied over there don't know the process . They are new to the business.
The current website will vanish within short period of time if not extended hosting.
The franchise never picks the call. I am sure this is just to loot.

The website :
The Details of the website can be viewed by clicking on the link: 
These people are very demanding . Even they hesitates to answer calls promptly. I don't know , what to say "show off" or hypocrisy. Well we do understand that initial growth stage of a company is very tough in this competitive market. However one need to win the confidence of people by fulfilling the promises on time.

1)No Receipt for any payments made.
2)No copy of offer letter. In-fact makes the offer letter in a white paper.
3)No copy of LMO or HRD.
4)No reference given.
5)DESI girl sits and bluffs in front office.
6)Totally lacks knowledge of entire process.
7)Very Confusing behavior.
8)Never had a confidence building steps.
9)Just ignores calls from candidates who has got vital questions.
10)The process till offer letter is of lightning speed.
11)After the process of Offer letter you are least wanted person.
12)Always want to establish franchise across the country.(Can't deliver commitments within time frame)
13)The franchise finger point ( not picking anonymous calls)
14)Mumbai central franchise redirects people to Gujarat after collecting the money process.
15)Went to 8-10 months from the initial 2-4 months(Remember it's a work idea if any potential candidate had approached for Migration. Even if approached they won't be able to assist,no need to worry).
16)Almost every time "RITU" is in meeting or travelling.
17)Need to struggle to speak with her.
18)She say's" I will let you know after a week or month.
19)At times she say's ( You need to wait " I don't know your work permit or Visa Comes first)
20)If you don't have patience you may withdraw.
21)When you withdraw your money will be lapsed.
22)The candidate will be asked to pay a fine when there is a request for application withdraw.
23)If the reason is genuine for withdraw" You will get 30% of money:.
24)None of the staff is aware of the entire process.
25)The employees were kept in dark, continuous monitoring of CCTV

Well I do accept the fact that the fees what they charge is comparatively low.However even that matters. It's hard earned money. NO Proof for anything what you have done with DWSC. NO evidence with you to prove that you were in a deal with them.

Guess almost every one agrees with me. who were in the desire to migrate canada or Australia for well being. Only option is to kneel down and pray! .All the guys who wish to proceed to DWSC freeze your movement or else will be bitten hard.

This is just to make vigil of the young aspirant job seekers of the happening in DWSC. Even after you feel to contact them it's your risk. We all are in a long wait. In case any one goes to Canada, will update the same through the blog.

Be rest assured.

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