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PETRONAS Oil Company / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam.  There is no job!

No. 43 Jalan Church Street
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


We acknowledge the receipt of your application also received the original contract document from your Employer Dr. Mohamed Raze the Employment Manager of PETRONAS Oil Company concerning your (2) years Contract duration.

The consultant travel agent (Alba Travel Service) in state department received the Hard Copy of your Contract Letter to our office on negotiates to process your application of Visa, Residence Work Permit documents by support with the legal Immigration particulars to certified for registrations of your employment documents and Work Permit Visa that would aid you travel to your duty location for your program with PETRONAS Oil Company.

The (Alba Travel Service) are interested in securing this Contract documents and further registration of Certificates or any other Credentials related to this program in our office, if you follow the instruction accordingly, because they already have issued a notice instructing to process Expatriate necessary permits documents enable you be prepared and arrived to resume duties in record time.

However; your applications must accrue with the related requirements intend as necessary to obtain the essential documents in which are aligned with entire regarding for procuring your valid Work Visa, Residence Work Permit.

It is mandatory obtain the valid Work Visa, Residence Work Permit because all expatriates who intend to work in Malaysia must have attained all essential procedure in various categories with respect to their contract engagements; the necessary documents will have to retained and embrace the approval of your relevant entire (2) Two years Contract program till expiration.

According to the application procedure, the PETRONAS Oil Company will be undertaking only flight ticket (business/first class) arrangement down to your duty location in Kuala Lumpur here in Malaysia. while you possess the Work Visa, Residence Work Permit as to support and embrace for processing of your entire travel documents and ensure for the purpose of your coming (2) Two years contract engagement and due respect to their project terms.

Work Visa, Residence Work Permit will cost you the subsequent;

(a) Work Visa Fee: - $90.00 usd

(b) Residence Work Permit: - $210.00 usd
(b) Foreign Affairs Endorsement Fee: - $130.00 usd
(c) Commerce and Industry Support Fee: - $100.00 usd
(d) Entry Consultation Processing Fee: - $190.00 usd

Total Fees: $720.00 usd

Expatriates are required to pay to Attorney General’s Secretary (NG LEE HOON) and all the fees should be sending through Bank Transfer on the below information and send the payment receipts copy, International Passport copy, Completed Filled Visa Application Form, (2) Two Recent Passport-Size Color Photos, and an Address Reachable by Courier Services as duly specified in line with the application requirements upon your submission;


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01370009184525

These will enable us commence and finalize your necessary Travel documents and support for the registration of your employment documents which should be through within Four (4) Malaysian working days;

You shall require sending scan copies of completed application requirements with the following:

* A Copy of valid International Passport copy.
* Completed Filled Visa Application Form.
* Two Recent Passport-Size Color Photos.
* Processing Fee Payment Receipts.
* Home or Office Address reachable by Speed Courier Services.

Upon receipts submission of the above requirements, we shall proceed to obtain your valid Visa, work/resident permit to be secured for your (2) Two years duration program, and shall be deliver the hard copies of relevant substantiating documents for the activity of applicant to the following:

The Original/Hard copies of Contract documents, registered authorized letter and other contract-related files that you shall be received after procedure of your necessary documents to take along with you to the appropriate consulate on interview schedule date for final endorsement of visa copy in your passport upon confirmation after prior arrival of your package documents by courier service delivering at your mailing address.

Acknowledge receipt of this e-mail and information contained herewith.

Yours service,
No. 43 Jalan Church Street
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone: +601-334-513-32
Fax: +601-303-826-282
Contact person: Dr. Smith Leem

1 Attached files| 763KBForm_IM.12.pdfDownloadReply to:
Reply to Alba Travel Service
Reply to Alba Travel Service Send

emailed 19.10.2011
1 recipientsCC: recipientsYou More
BCC: recipientsYou Show Details FROM:Human Resource Management TO:Edelweiss Buenafe Message flagged Wednesday, October 19, 2011 2:49 PMMessage bodyFROM: HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT
TO: Edelweiss Buenafe
DATE: 19/10/2011

This memo is to confirm that your request for an alternative work schedule has been approved on Engineer basis.

Your new work schedule effective immediately will be Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m with a half hour lunch period and two fifteen minute breaks.

Please feel free to communicate with us anytime between now and then if you find the new schedule is presenting any challenges that I could help you resolve.

This is to confirm that your request for an alternative work schedule has been approved for 5-days / 45 hours work week.

Though you will be working more than 8 hours per day on your schedule work days, in accordance with your union contract this will not constitute overtime since your total hours worked per week will remain 45 hours. As is our current practice, any overtime Hours you work in addition to this new schedule will need to be approved in advance.

As we discussed, this alternative schedule arrangements is dependent on the assumption that you will be able to maintain both the quality and quality of work that you currently do during your regular work hours.

Be informed that PETRONAS OIL COMPANY will be scheduling for your Air Ticket Fee, while you are required to incur the Visa, Residence/Work Permit requirements from ALBA TRAVEL SERVICE AGENCY.

According to the agreement between PETRONAS Management and ALBA TRAVEL SERVICE AGENCY; Upon receipt of your submitted Visa requirements, it will only take them three (4) Malaysian working days to complete the processing of the traveling documents and also delivered the same to you by DHL while to enable you prepared to travel down to your duty location on suitable date.

NOTE: After sending all the Visa processing requirements to ALBA TRAVEL SERVICE AGENCY, also send the same copies of the requirements to us via E-mail alongside with all your Visa expenses report as advise by the Head Recruiting Manager; Dr. Muhammad Raze so that we shall contact your Host Employer for the reimbursement of your Visa expenses before coming to Malaysia for your job resumption with PETRONAS OIL COMPANY.

You are welcome to PETRONAS Oil Company in Advance.

Your At Service
Human Resource Management
Verification and Approval Section
Contact Person: Kazim Bin Abdulla.
Human Resources Manager.
TEL: +601-664-023-28
FAX: +60173826382

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