Monday, October 22, 2012

Malaysia Traveling Agency / Shell OIl Company / Fake Job Scam Fraud

These are address and email addresses that fake job scammers are using.  Shell Oil Company or any other company never uses a free email address!  No real travel agent uses a free email address!

Government Administration Centre
Malaysia Traveling Agency, Kuala Lampur
Contact Person: Kazeem Abdulahi.
00-60172361802. / +60 172361802

Office of the Personnel & Employment Manager
Shell Oil Company Malaysia
Address, 10th Floor, Bangunan Shell
Off Jalan Semantan
50732 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Administration Center,
Malaysia Government Traveling Agency,
Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 00-60172361802.
Contact Person: Kazeem Abdullahi.

Malaysia Government Traveling Agency,
Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 00-60172361802.
Contact Person: Kazeem Abdullahi.

Administration Center,
Malaysia Government Traveling Agency,
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Phone: 00-60104348617.
Contact Person: Mohammed Ahmed.


  1. shell oil company malaysia
    address: 10th floor,bangunan shell
    off jalan semantan,p.o box 11027
    50732 kuala lumpur malaysia.
    phon/fax: 006-01133053985
    (fake job scam fraud)

  2. We sincerely appreciate your response. We have received signed copy of the employment letters which confirmed your employment agreement with Sri Kuala Lumpur School. Your data has been placed in our school database as newly employed staff, your staff number is SRI031KLS, your staff number will be attached to all your files. Our School will provide all the material you need to teach our students, you will receive the materials on your arrival including syllabus, handbook and timetable . We'll reimbursed your traveling expenses on arrival, you'll provide invoice of all the total expenses. We will assign one of our staffs to teach you Malay Language.

    We assure you that you will enjoy working with our school, our employment terms and condition is not hard to carry out. According to contract employment letter, we will provide single apartment for you, is free of charge no fees will be required, your apartment will have all the Electrical appliance, Furniture, bed, Electricity/gas and water supply. Your apartment will be close to our school compound, no transportation will be required to go to school. Cost of living in Malaysia is low compare to other Country, you will spend less and save more.

    As non-Malaysian citizen, you’ll be needing 1 year Malaysian working visa, working permit, tax clearance, set of space/Malaysia teaching certificate, Malaysian national Id card, Valid workmen Malaysian certificate and flight ticket so that you can be allowed to enter in Malaysia and start your job with us.To process these documents successfully, we here by recommend you to Malaysian Traveling Agency Co. Ltd who has been processing all our foreign staffs working documents and flight tickets. The traveling agency company will process your working documents/flight ticket, and deliver you’re working documents and flight ticket to your destination, as directed by the school authority and immigration office and rule and regulation.

    Below is the traveling agency contact details:
    Malaysian Immigration Expert Agency Company
    Mr. Ghafah Afley , CEO

    We'll reimbursed your traveling expenses on arrival; you'll provide invoice of all the total expenses in cured. The traveling agency company will process all your documents according to your request and deliver it to your address successfully. You're advised to cooperate with the traveling agency company, and if they need any document from our School do let me know.

    Malaysia is not an English speaking Country, Malay language is our General Language. Note that we are using translator to Convert English to Malay Language for easy understand of your message, please bear with us.

    We hope to contact you soon.

    Mr. Abin Latif Shung
    Human Resources Manager
    Sri Kuala Lumpur School
    1, Jalan SS 15/7A, 47500, Subang Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
    Tel: 608030864338


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