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PCL CONSTRUCTION / Fake Job Scam Fraud

PCL Constructors Inc. 5410 99th Street NW Edmonton, AB T6E 3P4 Canada.
Employment Office:
Tel: +1 4144462751  001414462751
Email: (Free Email Address which is different from actual company domain)
David Lawson
Employment Office
Human Resource Department
PCL Construction Company Canada
Sep. 8, 2012
Respected Employee,
Congratulation for the consideration of your job application Resume CV by the Company Employment
Directorate Office of PCL Construction Company to  serve as a full time employee of the Company after
review of your job application submitted details. You are hereby directed to join the company on or before
October 7th 2012 in our Edmonton Alberta office in  Canada.

You will be on probation for three months then you will  become our permanent employee if found to be of a good  behavior by observing company rules and regulations.
Employment  Salary Details Below:
1. Name:     Duration:              Permanent
Post:       Personal Assistant t0 Project Engineer
Startup date:   October 7th, 2012
Ref:  PCL-2012 -EMP-CA/0ZAFLV30459717
Service Location:      Alberta Canada
Leave Allowance:      $ 2,200USD
Salary:      Monthly Salary take home after tax:  $7200:00USD
Total Yearly salary takes home:   $86,400:00USD
Working time:  8 AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays
You will receive your monthly salary on the last working day of the month.
There will be performance review after every six months and salary revision once a year.
Car Maintenance Allowance: $300.00 dollar (Monthly)
Housing & Furnishings:$ 1,200 dollar (Yearly)
Entertainment & Recreation: 300.00 dollar (Monthly)

* You are entitled to 1 months Paid Leave which can be taken once at a time or 2weeks apart from one different period.

*You will receive $3,000.00 Dollar Take home for each leave Period.

*Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' Family only on employee's early notification to employer and as shall be requested by Employee.You have to work for 40 hours per week. You will get overtime benefit if you work for more hours as stipulated time.
The leave policy and other polices of the company are enclosed in Terms and Conditions Document.
We look forward to work with you that will be mutually beneficial for both the parties (Employer and Employee).

On the date of joining, you need to sign the Original employment contract documents stating all employment
terms and conditions. I hope you will enjoy working with us to achieve a wonderful career as an employee of our Company.

You are required to take responsibility for your visa processing and inform the company to pay for your flight
ticket after the approval of your visa. The visa cost will be refunded to you as soon as you resume duty in Canada in line with the Company policy on international applicants. You are expected to give us progress update on your visa processing between now and 7days after receiving this
appointment letter.

This Appointment letter will be revoked if you are unable to secure your traveling documents and Visa before the date you are expected to resume duty in Canada.
Employment Contract Details
The work Environment will be within the work metropolis of PCL Construction Company Canada office and project locations, you are to report immediately to the Human Resource Manager upon arrival to conclude prospects of orientation and other logistics in our Edmonton Alberta office in Canada
Newly recruited staff of PCL Construction Company Canada requires, (You) to reside at the company's official Staff estate. There are Single Bed-room and Flat options to choose from. You shall eat at the staff canteen free of charge as there are dietary options for vegetarians and non vegetarians.
*Termination of Resignation: The employee terminates this agreement by given the employer six months prior written notice of resignation.
*Termination on Retirement: This Agreement shall be
terminated by the employees Voluntary Retirement, that retirement shall be effective on the last day of any fiscal year, provided that the effective date of retirement by the employee gives six months written notification to the Employer.
* Termination on Disability (1) if during the period of employment, the employee becomes unable due to mental or physical illness or injury to perform his/her duties under this agreement in his / her normal regular manner, this agreement shall be terminated: (2) the employer has advised the employee that it currently maintains disability insurance for all it employees during the term of this agreement.

The employer shall maintain disability Insurance covering the employee on terms and condition no less favorable than the terms and conditions in effect at the date of this agreement signing between employer and employee.
*Termination upon death: If the employee dies during the period of employment, this agreement shall be terminated.
The Company maintains a policy to give study scholarship to one child of our staffs. This study Scholarship is to assist our work staffs give quality education to one of their Children with the Prospect of working with our Company in the future or any other place of choice so decided by the Scholarship beneficiary as part of our social responsibility to our staffs in appreciation to quality service delivery for the progress of our Company over the years.
SELF INTRODUCTION INTERVIEW.The self introduction Interview is a section organized for
newly selected employees, where you have to explain yourself to the Company Management on your work
experience and ability to serve the company well. This will enable the company management know you better and explain the company details, rules and regulations to you as a new employee and also ensure you pass through the one week mandatory training to understand the company work
environment better.
Below are your appointment Confirmation details of employment:
The company will pay you back ALL YOUR VISA AND WORK PERMIT EXPENSES ONLY when you arrive here in Canada and you also have to provide us with the original or scan copies of your payment receipts for your money to be refunded back to you, as we are well aware of the fact that only serious applicants ready to travel can proceed beyond this stage.
Your Flight ticket will be paid for by our company as soon as your Visa is approved because we can only use the Visa number to book your flight ticket, and once the flight ticket is ready, it will be forwarded to your email address directly.
You have to provide us with your convenient date to travel between 10 to 15 days after your Visa is ready to enable you make adequate plans within the 15 days to organize your family before departing your country for Canada. The date provide by you will enable us schedule your arrival and book the flight ticket for you, you can also request for time extension if need be.1, Your work duty as a staff of the company is to work with
the Company under the instructions of your superior officer in executing your assigned duty and responsibility in conformity with the company rules and regulations and ensure all workers and staffs in that line of duty reports to duty promptly, performs their duty efficiently and report any none performing employee on that line of duty to the management for disciplinary action against such employee.
2, you will be duly assigned to a duty of service and office of service that suits your experience from time to time and due benefits and promotion will be accorded to you as when due.
3, the email interview was to confirm your serious attention to this employment process which leads to your selection to join our work force.
4, the human resource department will conduct a Self Introduction interview and a training program for the
entire new employee including you, as the new employee will have to undergo official training program in Canada for two weeks to get use to our work environment before they are assigned to their duty and location of service.
5, All Company employees are well paid and proper medical
care and accommodation facilities are provided by the
Company. However, you are to take full responsibility of
your family upkeep if the salary and company benefits are
good enough to take responsibility for the number of your
family members that will stay with you. We always advice our applicants to resume duty first and invite their family
after 3 months
6, your work location is in PCL Construction Company
Canada, but you will be duly informed on the
accommodation, office and location of service after the oral
interview that will enable us know you better, you will also
be briefed on the provisions the company has in place
regarding provision of descent and comfortable
accommodation for all our staffs.
7, You are to conduct HIV health status check up report
from any reputable government or private hospital in your
Country, and send a scan copy of such report to the officer
in care of your visa processing via email and present the
original copy on request.
8, The Company do not deny any employee the benefit of
bringing their wife, husband and children to stay with
them, as we have adequate company apartment for single
and married employee.
9, The Original copy of your appointment letter will be
given to you on resumption of duty in Canada. All your
entitlements will be paid to you as stated in the soft copy of
your appointment letter. And the employment contract will
be signed in Canada office once you resume duty with the
10, The Company has a comprehensive health and life
insurance for all our staffs and takes full responsibility of
medical care of all staffs that secure injuries on active duty
for the company. We offer pension and gratuity benefit to
our staffs that serve the company diligently and honestly to the best of their ability. This retirement scheme is a major
welfare package to all our retiring staffs and field worker
that has served the company as gesture of gratitude to all
our respected workers and staffs.
11, The Company has a welfare package to give Educational
scholarship to one child of our staffs with the future
expectation of such children working in our Company.
Finally, what you need to do is to take practical action and
ensure your visa approval is secured without delay to
enable us book your flight ticket. For further advice, feel
free to write to us and let us know if you need time
extension to enable you join
our work force here in Canada. We are a reliable company
with a good reputation in Construction Industry in Canada.
David Lawson
Employment Office
Human Resource Department
PCL Construction Company Canada
PCL Construction Company Canada providing infrastructural needs to Canada Economy.


  1. PCL Constructors Inc. has reported these ongoing fraudulent offers of employment to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre with the Federal Government.
    If you have been a victim of a fraud please report to the Anti-Fraud Centre at 1(888)495-8501 or email at

    55 Flemington Road Ste 116
    North Melbourne, VIC 3051


    Dear Applicant,

    We are seeking candidates to be employed urgently as we are recruiting. Your CV/Resume is been considered.

    To proceed further in this recruitment program, you are to provide the following details;
    1. Hand written Fill the attach Application form sign with date
    2. Answers to the interview questions
    3. Genuine and Valid Education qualification Certificates scan copies
    4. Scan Copies of your International passport.
    2. Coloured passport photo size

    You are requested to send a scan copy of your certificates as proof of educational qualification. Alongside with Attached in this mail is application form, which you have to print out, fill the personal information needed on it with pen and return it to us as attach file by email. This form will be attended officially in the office by the Company recruitment team.

    Your qualification and work experience can be considered in line with a number of vacant positions which currently needs qualified applicants to fill up. Our HR senior officials shall review all the filled Application, Interview response provided by all applicants and their education qualification certificates.

    JOB STATUS: Full-Time and Half Time.
    SALARY INDICATION: $15,000 AUD (Fifteen Thousand Australian Dollars) and above pending on work experience and field of specialization. However, kindly return your answer script together with filled application form within 72 hours of receipt.

    Due to you are our employee outside the Australia, we have also decided to interview you by email. There is an attached Letter of Interview to this mail, which you have to read carefully and answer as expected. You are expected to prudently answer the questions attached to this mail for a successful interview and answer as it requires that will enable our HR office to give you call for better conversion regarding your employment.

    NOTE: That you are eligible to submit this application form for this employment if and only your international passport is at hand and you are ready to relocate to work in Australia or our offices in other locations. We are anticipating a quick response to this form before we go on entering an agreement and employment with you.

    Proper self introduction interview will be conducted here in our office in (Australia) if selected to enable the company management know you better.

    Best of luck!!!

    Manager, Human Resources
    Mr. Rex Famous
    Tel: +61-488879187
    Fax: +61-480023506

  3. Dear Job Applicant

    Welcome once more to PCL Construction Enterprise, Denver Unites States
    of America.

    We are very grateful for your response to our email, we have attached
    to this email a copy of your job duties and responsibilities including
    your contract of employment so you have to download it and read. we
    expect you to read it very carefully and sign the contract and also
    send us the signed copy. we will also use it when we want to apply for
    your visa. so sign it so that we can give you further procedures on
    how we will process your traveling documents.

    Thanks and waiting for you to approve the contract.

    Mr David Morgan.

    PCL Construction Enterprise
    PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.
    2000 South Colorado Blvd Ste 2-500
    Denver, CO 80222
    United States of America.


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