Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doosan House / doosan-babcock.com / Fake Job Scam Fraud

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From: Doosan Babcock careers@doosan-babcock.com
Date: 22/09/2015 11:53 (GMT+02:00) 
To: Victim

Doosan House, 
Manor Royal, 
West Sussex 
RH10 9AD, 
United Kingdom

Dear Victim

Doosan Babcock Limited UK have rounded up this recruitment exercise. Management and the Recruitment team agreed that all recruitment exercise should be completed by this week so as to begin the recruitment proceedings to meet up with our Schedule. This mail contains the decision the Recruitment team along with the HR Department regarding your application. After due consideration, management have decided to offer you a job in our establishment. The recruitment team came to a conclusion that you are the best candidate to fill the vacant job position. We will want you to read this mail and the attached contract carefully.
Firstly, We are satisfied with your qualifications and also your answers to our interview questions. This recruitment process is a very brief one because of the urgency to fill our vacant positions. In this quick search we have deemed you fit to handle  the task at hand. Attached to this mail is a contract of  Agreement cum Appointment Letter prepared by our legal practitioners. You are expected to go through it, print it out, sign and date at the bottom if you are satisfied with the terms we offer as stated in the contract. Thereafter you are to send us a scanned copy of the signed Contract for the purpose of filing and other office protocols.
Secondly, it should be noted that you need a Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit to work legitimately in the UK. Owing to the fact that you do not have a UK Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit which is needed for your Visa processing, you will to have to immediately contact the recognized UK Immigration Services working with Doosan Babcock Limited UK so that they can furnish you with details on how to get the named document and help in the procurement of your UK Visa and other travel Documents that will be needed from you to proceed to the UK. The Immigration agent will be a mediator between you and the British Immigration service. With their help your travel documents will be ready in due time so you can resume your post on the proposed date. When your travel documents are being processed, we shall proceed with securing your accommodation here in United Kingdom at the staff Quarters after we have confirmed your visa, seriousness and willingness to join our team here in United Kingdom. It should be noted that the Management of Doosan Babcock Limited UK  will take care of the charges for your Visa, Flight Ticket and other travel costs but you are to make the payment for the charges of your Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit as the Management made no provision for this at the moment. This is our policy as we have had bad experiences with some applicants in the past and this will show your willingness and seriousness for the job. Failure to process your Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit will hinder the processing of all other travel papers and thereby might lead to a premature termination of your contract. Please do note that on arrival this fee and any other fee spent on permit processing will be reimbursed to you fully.
We will encourage you to contact the UK Immigration Services working with Doosan Babcock Limited UK so that you can get your Valid UK Visa, Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit and the rest of your Travel Documents in due time so you can get to the UK before or on the date of your resumption.
You are to contact the UK Immigration Services Agent (Mr.James Bradley) via mail sending a scanned copy of the signed contract to them also. The email of the travel agent is visabureau@europe.com please make sure you send the copy of your signed contract to the UK Immigration Services.
We congratulate you as our latest employee and we hope that you will repay the faith we have in you by working with us faithfully if you accept our offer.

Kind Regards,
John Boyd,
Human Resource Manager.
Doosan House, Manor Royal, Crawley, 
West Sussex RH10 9AD,  
Tel:   +44 1618 506 203                                                                                                       
Fax:  +44 264 7586  890            

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