Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Agronefteservis / Russian Oil Scam Fraud

Please read the following for further and
This website was put up by scammers.  Do not send any money!  They just pretend to have products!

The Business and political history of the company started in November 29, 2004 when Dudnik Sergey Aleksandrovich first registered the company structures with its tax identities. After 3 years, the company was not active and known in the oil and gas sector but then the company was a major stakeholder in agriculture and export of agriculture products to Belarus and Modovia. 

In February 2009 the company fully entered the Oil and Gas sector and export was locally done for the export of refined petroleum oil gels used in lubrications and other major export products allocations reserves for Russial Oil diesel, Aviation fuel was made and a new partnership was entered with other major oil and gas production refineries.

Yet, the domain was not registered until June 2013! (Russian oil scam / non-delivery advance fee fraud)
692900, Primor, Guerrilla district,. Ekaterinovka, st. Gagarina, Russian Federation
Moscow Operations Office and Inquiry::
117321, Ulitsa Profsoyuznaya 139/2, Russia
Tel: +7 (499)-390-4026
Fax: +7 (499)-390-7800
Skype: agronefte.servis
Sales and Export Department
Tel: +7 (499)-390-7641
Fax: +7 (499)-390-7900

org: OOO "Agronefteservis"
created: 2013.06.19
paid-till: 2015.06.19
free-date: 2015.07.20
source: TCI

Many elements of the above website are copied from equally fake already exposed as a scam and likely from the same scammers.

agronefteservis, advanced fee fraud 
I wish to warn the public against transactions with unscrupulous Russian company called Agronefteservis, which disseminate fictitious commercial proposals for petroleum products sales. Company running scam involving spot cargos on ships for cargos they don't' own. Issued me with fake mandate payed 7 600 US dollar. 
Also issued my buyers with fake B/L, Fake notarized contract and document Upon checking of vessel transit, notarized document, it had not been at the supposed loading port. Upon checking company adress found that phone Number, Telex and Fax number all wrong. I have been in contact with Alexander Mateev, Sales Director. When I told them that their contarct and document are fake. He disappears and another person Valery Borisvich nominate her self as the new sales director. 
Scam involved being paid to transfer B/L to new buyer, on the basis that previous buyer had defaulted and that shipping company had to be paid to transfer B/L. Be warned they are a big scammer, not to entertain any upfront money requests. 
web site of company: 
117321, Ulitsa Profsoyuznaya 139/2, Russia Tel: +7 (499)-390-4026 Fax: +7 (499)-390-7800 E-mail: Site: Skype: agronefte.servis 
Sales and Export Department Tel: +7 (499)-390-7641 Fax: +7 (499)-390-7900 E-mail:, 

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  1. Agro Nefte Services, are scamsters we have had a dealing with them and they have insisted on advance fee payment. The telephones listed on their website are fake.


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