Sunday, March 17, 2013

UK Lottery Scam Fraud


On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 4:04 AM, Wendy Paul < wrote:
This is to publicize and notify you that your email has won
 Ј1,000,000:00 GBP at our UK National online Jackpot selection lottery.
REF:UK/JA7744,Raffle Number: NJQ999617,
For payment, contact Mr.Ellis Michael via email with your details.

Mr. Ellis Michael

Online Notification Desk
National Lottery©


Attn Winner,
This is to notify you that we received your winning acknowledgement. On behalf of the entire UK Lottery Promo Board, we congratulate to you for being a Winner in this annual 2013 NEW YEAR Promotion UK National Online Lottery Program. All participants were selected randomly from 'World Wide Web' site through computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000 company's names and individual email addresses. Each email address was attached to a ticket number. Your email address was selected as one of the lucky winners. We have received your e-mail with utmost delight in the UK National Online Lottery Program held in London (U.K). Also the verification process has been completed. Stated below are your identification numbers:


                                                    PAYMENT PROCEDURES
You are required to come down to UK with a valid proof of identity [International Passport/Driving License] to sign the necessary funds release documents relating to the claim of your winning prize.
You are to obtain a Oath of Affidavit from the High Court of Justice stating that you are a winner of the lottery program with your winning Preference numbers and that neither you nor any other member of your family has previously applied for this claim. You are to obtain a winner’s certificate from the Gaming Commission, which is a proof of your winning confirmation from the lottery company. 
However, should you not be able to come in person for your winning claims, you will the need to contact the payable bank in this process. Please inform us which of the options below is suitable for your payment processing; 

A. Coming down to UK to process it in person.
B. Contacting the payable bank for the transfer of you winning prize 

You will have to contact the payable bank if option ‘B’ is chosen. You are required to submit your ReferenceNumbers to our Payout Bank/United Kingdom Payment Unit with the below email address to enable the bank handle the transfer of your funds to your account. Exchange Online Payment Unit Contact Details: 

Bank Name:  e-Banking Financial Services.
Account Officer:  Mrs. Monique Levi.

Fax:  +44 872 352 4320

On behalf of all members and staff of UK National Award, congratulations once again.

At your disposal, I remain.

Yours in service
Mr. Ellis Michael /Claims Director, Union Finance Management

Copyright © 2012 The UK Lottery International Promotion Inc.

                             all rights reserved. Terms of Service  Guideline.

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