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Brent Oil Field / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Brent Oil Field / Fake Job Scam Fraud

It is a scam. No real company ever uses a number that begins with +44 871 or +44 70. Scammers use those numbers to pretend to be in the UK. Read: No real company would use a free email address like or lawyercollin@lawyer.comRead: Every company has a website and
is not a website. No real company ever hires you without an in person interview. Read: No r

East Shetland Basin186 kilometers (116 mi)
North-east of Lerwick,Shetland Islands.
Tel: +448712450770
Fax: +447024022716

OUR REF: BRE/BR/VOL/0864/13.


Attention Applicant:

We refer to your earlier forwarded application for job engagement with relations to the Brent oil field with job reference number: BRE/BR/VOL/O864/13.

1.0: Through the curriculum vitae/resume of contacted expatriates recommended for the project have found you qualified as one of the expatriates to resume work with Brent oil field. The company has appointed you to work as Site Coordinator. Presently we have vacancy only in the Laborer (REF: 1200) section.

All employee in labor Section is entitle to re-apply to higher job profile and management sector base on experience qualifications after 6 Months of joining the company.Note that a copy of this mail has been forwarded to British High Commission New Delhi 110 021 - India.for immediate visa endorsement.

1.1: DATE OF RESUME: You are requested to resume work in the office on 15/04/2013

0.1: VISA TYPE/CONTRACT: 5 YEARS WORKING PERMIT/(5) Five Years contract/All Contract are liable to renew after five years upon the company's agreement.

2.0: JOB LOCATION: BRENT OIL FIELD , East Shetland Basin186 kilometers (116 mi) North-east of Lerwick,Shetland Islands,Scotland
Nature of Job: Responsible,to monitor and Supervising of labor in the site (JOB CODE NO-236/545SITE/2330/KJK12).

Monday to Fridays, Time: 8.00am to 5.00pm with break period between 12.00noon to 2.00pm. Expatriates are entitled to a one (1) month paid home leave.

Monthly take-home Salary (After tax) is 5,500 GBP (FIVE Thousand five Hundred british pounds) Salary can be transferred to any Bank or Country of your choice and all transfers must be made in conformity with the existing tax situation.

Hazard/Inconveniences allowance, 5% of Basic salary. Entertainment allowance? 5% of Basic salary. All allowances are paid weekly and locally in GBP equivalent to the existing exchange rate.

All expatriates are entitled to a one (1) month paid home leave, which can be taken once at a time or two (2) weeks apart one different period.
All expatriates shall be entitled to a leave allowance (in GBP) of an additional 100% percent of their basic salary and free tickets to cover their home leave. No allowances on leave period.

Safety and Security of personnel Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and Communities are not small issue, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations.
All operations on Job Location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy as applicable in the job location.
All expatriates are entitling to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts.
All safety wears shall be provided by the Company at Job Locations e.g. Gloves, Shoes etc. at applicable in the job location.

6.0: MEDICAL/HEALTH SERVICE FACILITIES AND INSURANCE PLAN FOR FAMILY: All expatriates shall be entitled to a comprehensive health care service, which are to be administered by Medical Experts on Job Locations. In a case of emergency situation, an expatriate will be flown to his home country or any country suitable for the best medical attention.

This decision can be influenced by the findings of the Company's medical experts, unless the expatriate in question states otherwise.
After three (3) months of service all expatriates will be entitled to a Health Service Insurance Plan (HSIP) for family. The Health Service Insurance Plan is designed to cover only three (3) members of your family.

The Health Service Insurance Plan (HSIP) allowance can also be paid to the expatriates at the rate of 500.00GBP per family member per month (1000.00GBP per month) which can be transferred on monthly basis without being subjected to tax.

Accommodation and feeding shall be provided for all expatriates.Quality single or family housing accommodation in company community,Maximum security in work environment and housing community.All cuisine (Intercontinental/Continental) will also be provided.

An official vehicle shall be provided on 24 hour daily basis to all expatriate for local transportation.
A round trip flight ticket to cover the span of your contract engagement will be provided and delivered to you on the completion of your relevant travel documents and Immigration particulars.

Recreational/Sports Facilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all expatriates with no expenses to be incurred. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will also be made available to all expatriates by the company laundry and dry cleaning unit.

There are standard telecommunication facilities and internet services at the disposal of all expatriates, and same shall be accessible to all personnel (Local/Foreign) without any charge or expenses to be incurred. Cellular Phones can be obtained by expatriates from the Local dealers/Service Providers, but must be used in accordance with the safety regulations on Job Locations.

Family status arrangements can only be applied after at least three (3) months of service. The Application of family status arrangement indicates that an expatriate will be entitled to a free visa and air fare for his wife or Spouse or any other family member which is to be provided by the Company through the Traveling. Agency/Consultant. Expatriates who intend to travel with their wife/spouse within the first three (3) months of contract engagement will have the cost of visa and air fare being borne by them and can only be reimburse after three (3)months of service.

There is no interview required on this appointment,hence we are offering Man Power job where anybody is fit to work excepting at the health and management sector where the company required at least first degree holders in job related,We have agreed to pay a good salary to exercise man power job.

All expenses incurred in relation to this Job/Contract Engagement Process are liable to reimbursement within 72hours on arrival. Such expenses include cost of obtaining medical certificate, Immunization/shots in the case were an expatriate gets such service from a special or personal doctor. Cost of obtaining Job Contract Engagement papers and Traveling Documents. Cost of transportation to the embassy on the date of appointment if found satisfactorily committed.

A prove of payment in form of an official receipt will facilitates a prompt reimbursement of all claims/expenses. With respect to the expected time line of the project take-off ensure the processing of all traveling Document/immigration particulars etc. in record time.

The Employee will incur reasonable expenses to get Visa and work permit;The Company shall process Employee’s Travel ticket and reimburse Employee for the expenses after the Employee presents an itemized account of expenditures and prove of payment, pursuant to Company policy.

If the conditions stated above are acceptable to you,get the necessary documents in less than 8 working days from a licensed India/British tourism group immigration department and you shall be required to furnish us with your work permit approval and make an official report to the Company with your International Passport copy’s Visa page to ensure confirmation with our record for immediate delivery of your Air-Ticket together with your Appointment Letter hard copy direct to the embassy office in New Delhi India via Courier service.

BRENT OIL have mandated a reliable India/british tourism group New Delhi India to assure immediate visa processing for all appointed applicant comming from India,Pakistan and UAE to avoid delay causes by visa processing.

You are hereby advice to contact India/british Tourism Group Immigration Department (via email by sending a scan copy of your international passport/photo ID and contact number for processing of your Visa/relevant travel/immigration documents to enable us ascertain your commitment readiness & willingness to the project take-off.

Contact the India/british Tourism Group Immigration Department via e-mail or Tel using the contact details:-
Contact Person: Lawyer Collin Smith.
Tell: +91 9873767819
Fax: +91 9873767819
Immigration Department.
British High Commission, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri,New Delhi-110021 INDIA.

Follow the instruction of the immigration to get your visa in due-time,To ensure confirmation with our record for immediate delivery of your Air-Ticket together with your Job Offer Letter hard copy direct to the embassy in New Delhi India via DHL Courier service.

Your present location and a day-time telephone number would also be required for sake of efficiency and correspondence.The job programmed Schedule will be made available in due time (no distant time).

Due to the sky-scraping number of applicant that we have on our database, all appointed applicants are given (14) days to comply with every requirement demand by the Embassy to get their VISA. All employee that are unable to meet the 14 days deadline given will automatically be disqualified with all personal information deleted from our database for employment.

Keep us update concerning the processing of your papers in case of advice where necessary.

For any question contact OR Call our 24 hours customer care services Tel:+448712450770 In case of conjunction in network please keep trying till you are put through.

Office Of The Chief Recruitment Officer (C.R.O)
Head, Exp. Employee Relations.
BRENT OIL FIELD. All Right Reserved

2 nd email received
I have been instructed by your employer, as British immigration attaché to stand for you in processing your visa application and to obtain the necessary travelling documents from the British High Commission New Delhi according to the Embassy schedules. Kindly fill the visa application forms that I have enclosed in this mail with pen and return them via e-mail to me. I shall inform you if there is any other documents you are to produce before the visa officials in the absent of the documents your employer has sent on your behalf and the ones you are to produce below but, that might be after you must have registered with the embassy as its candidate by paying the visa fee.

However, visa application fee reflects the administrative costs of processing your application which is longer term multiple entry visas and before I proceed in processing your visa application, you are to register with the Embassy first through my office. The visa application fee in the office for processing your visa application forms is 26,250 India Rupees. This fee is to be made in consideration of your visa application forms so that you will be recognized by the UK visa authorities for entry into United Kingdom’s territory and to enable me complete the cash register details of the application forms and to proceed with those required travelling documents.

Nevertheless, I shall inform you the mode of payment , In addition, as soon as UK Border Agency acknowledges the payment, the processing begins. No sooner than the entire required documents are secured and processed, appointment will be granted for you to have biometric data (10 fingers scan and digital photograph taken) for completion of the visa formalities here at the Embassy.
Moreover, you are required to be available carrying your passport on the appointment date although; the date of appointment will be announced to you as soon as your visa application forms are processed. I hope and believe to guide your application and ensure that you start your career with your employer in United Kingdom on time. So you should be fast in this arrangement as your joining date is fast approaching.
Finally, kindly send to me the following documents:

(1) Proof of permanent residence address.
(2) 2 white background photo (size 45mmx35mm), take within the last 6 months.

The above information will enable me to proceed in processing your application and to get your visa obtained. The entire duration for obtaining your visa from the British Consulate shall not be more than 8 working days. You are required to send the above requirements via e-mail as attached file and it must appear in colour. Confirm to me when you are making the payment so that I could get how you are to make a bank transfer amount of 26,250 INR to enable me complete the cash register details of the visa application forms. Please note that it is not possible to attend the visa department at the British High Commission except by appointment.
Yours Sincerely,

Collin Smith

Contact Number +919873767819
British High Commission,Shantipath,
Chankyapuri, New Delhi 110021.

UK Visa-making Travel and Immigration for work for Britain

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