Friday, March 29, 2013

Toronto Jobs / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam.  Read

Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 9:53 AM

Toronto Jobs Canada.

Dear Mazidi,

This is to inform you that your c.v has been received and Approved, an application form has been attached to this email for you to fill up properly to qualify you to meet up with one of our Senior protocol officer in person  to book an Appointment with you for the Processing of your Canadian one year Employment visa and Work-permit before you depart your home country for Toronto Canada. Send the filled form to Mr Raymond Rivers.---


This is to bring to your Notice that our mode of employment is Unique and different to enable us get the best candidates to work with the Oil and Gas companies here in Toronto Canada listed in the Previous email to you and the attached application form is a  prove that you will be issued a one year Canadian Employment visa and Work-permit to enable you depart for the 2 weeks intensive training with our organization over here in Canada before definitely being employed by any of the mentioned Oil and Gas companies here in Toronto Canada .


Due to the facts that some false Job offers has been posted by miscreants to applicants on-behalf of reputable organizations around the world and to eradicate such, Toronto Jobs Canada has come up with a bright idea that no Appointment letters / contract documents will be issued to our applicants from any of the listed Oil and Gas companies before they depart their home country for Toronto Canada because we will be charged with the responsibility of training applicants for 2 weeks intensively, and if selected an Appointment / Contract documents will be issued to you by any of the mentioned Oil and Gas companies with 100% assurance of being selected immediately after the 2 weeks intensive training sponsored by our organization .


Some Applicants would ask questions like -: What are the possibilities of being employed after the two weeks of intensive training with our organization ?

ANSWER -: There is 100% assurance for any of our applicants being issued the Canadian employment visa and work-permit after the 2 weeks intensive training with our organization because before the processing of your documents and applications over there in your home country one of the Senior protocol officers to the Canadian High Commission will meet up with you in person to book an appointment with you and receive your documents from you for verification's and interview before you can be qualified for the processing of your Canadian employment visa and Work-permit .
You will be entitled to daily allowances or weekly allowances during your 2 weeks of intensive training over here with our reputable organization pending on your choice of payment including free accommodation and transportation before you will be accepted for employment by any of the Oil and Gas companies seeking qualified applicants as employees.


This is to bring to your good notice that Toronto Jobs Canada is a non-profitable organization, our aims and objectives is to assist job-seekers around the world with their dream jobs and to improve their future by relocating to Canada to also benefit from the strong and stable economy in Canada.
Immediately your Employment Visa and Work-permit is being issued to you, we will then contact the Canadian High Commission to book your Flight ticket and date of departure from your home country to Toronto Canada .

Due to our reputation here in the recruitment industry around the world our management gives Applicants free right to negotiate his or her monthly salary with any of the Oil and Gas companies immediately after the 2 weeks intensive training with or reputable organization within the ranges of 5,000.00 cad dollars to 7,500.00 cad dollars monthly.

Kindly fill up the Application form and send back immediately within 48 hours of receiving this mail, then you will be contacted by the Senior protocol officer of the Canadian High Commission in charge of Toronto Jobs Canada's Applicants seeking employment visa and work-permit .

Regards ,
Mr B.M Clement ,
Toronto Jobs Canada.

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