Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scammer impersonating / Monica Lozano / Bank of America

The real Bank of America would never use a free email address or request money be sent via wire transfer.
Western Union/MoneyGram = Fraud-Scam!
"Monica C. Lozano"  (
information about online bank accounts
Dear valued customer,

I have not write you since few days now, I just want you to have a taste of all my explain because I feel that my constant explanation to you look as if there is a benefit attach to your fund After reading through your file and I want to use this opportunity to explain very well this transaction to you, this fund ($4,000.000.00) four million united states dollars was made for you as the beneficiary of this fund, base on the fact that all authorities have cleared your name as the beneficiary of this fund and after we cross check all your file with the Bank of England where the fund originated from we did confirm that you are the original beneficiary of this winning benenficiary fund that is the reason why we decided to make sure that we handle the clearing of your fund officially and legally so that you will start making use of your fund without any-further delay.

You might be dealing with many people on this case in the past and they have disappointed you in the past by not fulfill their promise of completing this matter for you, rather they keep on asking for endless fee on this matter, but i must inform you that we dont handle matters in such manner, once we give you the bill which is $1,150 dollars Taxes payable on amount to be transferred to your designated account so go and send the fee via western union to our fiduciary agent in Florida with below information:

AMOUNT: $1,150

Please understand that your not made to use the New Open Online account we set up for you to make this request fees of $1,150 tax clearance payment, you are made to pay this fee from your personal bank or loan from friend or money you borrowed, we can understand how things are difficult financially to borrow such fund from anybody this new year, but right now i am given you my honest assurance and full confident to go ahead and borrow the requested fee of $1,150 and pay via Western union on the name of our fiduciary agent as provided above so that we can be able to complete the job for you and give you full authorization to your account with Bank of America.

Meanwhile, your pending wired transfers will be release and automatically credited into your designated account, but the delay is now from your side because you need to pay for the official tax clearance fee of $1,150 to complete the whole job for you. lastly, all the pending wire transfers that you made out from the online account with Bank of America last year, will arrive your local bank in your country within the duration of 24 hours after you made the requested payment as i have instructed and advice you. incase if you dont understand everything, please feel free to contact me on the listed phone numbers below.+1 713 893 7169 and (347) 709-1489

Thanks for your patient and i hope and believe that you will understand me after you complete reading this message, i did attach my id card so that you will recognize me and understand how seriously committed we are on this matte
Hoping earnestly for your compliance to this effect,

Thank you,
Ms. Monica Lozano
Chief Executive Officer, ImpreMedia, LLC

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