Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nigerian Scammer Impersonating Zeti Akhtar Aziz

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Dear sir,

prior to my previous letter to you,I want you to take this as the greatest challenge in your life and make this payment to finalize the loan issue so you can have enough money to settle the release of your pending wire transfer that was currently undergoing "FEDWIRE", I can assured you that you will be glad you did because i will make a different in your total transaction.I also want to make my self clear that i am not a party to any scam so i do not see any reason why you have to be scared in making this very payment for the delivery and for the betterment of this very transaction i want you to take a stand of faith and make this official payment because i know that i will never disappoint you in this very transaction. With all due respect i will want you to know that the loan company is with good modification and reputation. And you need to have the three keys that complete a transaction.

*1* Trust: You need to have the trust and believe that any thing you do is legitimate and i will like you to have the trust in me that you will get your loan transfer to you okay. *2* Courage: You need to have the courage and effort that you will get this loan transfer to you so you can have the money to clear your transaction to you as soon as the payment of $1,500 is remitted. *3* Faith: Any thing you do you need to have the faith in God that, That things you are doing must be successful. And in this transaction have the faith that this transaction is a very successful one.

Try and know that the loan is coming from my investor friend Okay??? Try and have the believe in me that you will get your loan as soon as you pay for the equity contribution and the insurance bond fee, You need to try and make this payment today so that you can get your loan transfer to you today and i will like to remind you that once you make the payment today, the funds will immediately be delivered to you. I don't want you to miss this opportunity this is your last chance i know you really need this loan Reply to acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

Happy Weekend!! Have a wonderful and splendid day God Bless

Give me a call for better understanding:+1 940 603 0228

Thanks and God Bless You

Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Tel: +1 940 603 0228
Tel: +1 (940) 448-0049

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