Sunday, January 20, 2013

Next of Kin Scam / Tamboura Konate

On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Mr.Tamboura Konate <>wrote:
Dear Good Friend,

Good Day, Hopefully this email will meet you in good health. I'm
really excited at reading your email, it’s my pleasure to make it
clear to you that this transaction will surely uplift our financial
standard; I will always direct you on what to do in this transaction,
but I want to explain some of the steps to take to actualize this
transfer successfully. Because, I am a banker here in Burkina Faso
West Africa, and in this bank I know the process to be taken
officially in the bank to investigate and verify your claim and to
grant you approval in fourteen banking days from the day of initiation
of the claim..

Presently, I am employed to this bank, as the Senior Auditor In charge
Foreign Remittance Unit of this bank from where I plan to finalize the
execution of this transfer before I'll resign, with my position in
this bank, I am promising you that if you can follow my instructions
in this transaction success will be our sooner than your expectation,
I am capable of completing this transaction within the period of 14
bank working days starting from the day you apply to the bank as the
next of kin to the deceased customer and base on your maximum
co-operation and assistance everything will work as I have planed it
to be.

To let you know how serious this is, i will like if you can be able to
come down to my country and Visit my office in Bank Of Africa, this
will give you the opportunity to know exactly what is my position in
the bank and the truth about me and this transaction at hand, if you
are convinced after your visit, that you have seen enough to proceed
further in this transaction, then, you will continuer. Burkina Faso is
a free Visas Nation; you can get your Visas at the port of entry, so
you are at liberty to come down for Verification on my person and the
transaction at hand.

I am of average age, married to a wife, and blessed with three
children. The perfection of this transaction has so far consumed a
great amount of money from me, energy and is the life line to the
future of me and my family, so I do need your assistance in providing
a good bank account, your co-operation both morally and financially,
your trust and confidence in our ability to finalize this transfer to
our mutual benefit, and your guarantee for my share of the money when
the fund has been transferred into your bank account, and my security
when I do come to your country to collect my share of the money, so I
will want you to inform me if you will guarantee me of all these.

The deceased customer died in the year 2003 of a Plane crash together
with his family and his name is DR.GEORGE BRUMLEY JR., from
AMERICA,based here in Burkina Faso, he is a physician and road
contractor, he also has his own construction company, been Brumley’s
construction company Ltd, here in Burkina Faso registered with the
Republic of Burkina Faso, his registration number was:
FGB52/200BF/1998DC. and the amount involve in his account is US$14.2m
(Fourteen Million Two Hundred Thousand United State Dollars), based on
my personal banking experience, it had happened in the pass, when a
foreign customer died and after Ten years there is no body that apply
as the next of kind the fund automatically transferred to the bank
treasury as unclaimed fund, that experience ignited my thought to this

This deal will be covered with legal approvals. You will be approved
officially by bank as the authentic relation of the late customer
through official bank process which I will personally champion; your
approval will further be authenticated by back up documents from the
ministry of justice of this country.

This business is a great deal and will need determination and great
arrangement to succeed. The arrangement which has already been made is
my underground responsibility in the bank in seeing that the whole
process to be taken to achieve your approval and for the smooth
transfer of the fund to your desired account is made without any
conceivable hitch. That is why I will like to speak with you for
better understanding before we proceed. I assure you therefore that
all loopholes are covered and all obstacles removed.

This business deal will never endanger any or both of us. To remind
you, this transaction is not a child's play nor a little amount
involved. We are talking of a deal worth millions of United States
dollars and so I will not like anything that will spoil it for me
because it had taken me years to arrive at the stage before I decided
to look for a foreigner to assist me. The understanding of this
details and accepting to work with me in this deal is the starting
point. I require you therefore to declare your interest to assist me
in championing this transaction so that I will send to you a Draft
Text of Application which you will Fill and re-send to the bank Email
Address as a formal introduction of your person to the bank.

Best Wishes.
Mr.Tamboura Konate

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