Monday, January 23, 2012

Scammer impesonating Dr Steve Pateman Executive director, Forex transfer department,

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Dr Steve Pateman
Executive director,
Forex transfer department,
Santander bank,United kingdom.

Dear valued customer;

Your mail as it reference to me once more;

This is to officially inform you that the Satander bank board of trustees after a due meeting with the office of the world bank today the 23rd day of January 2012 to release your over due/pending funds. I am Dr. Steve Pateman, Executive Director, Corporate & Commercial banking and hereby stand by my word to bring to a successful finalization of your funds transfer. We want to use this medium to apologize for previous delay/hitch due to circumstances beyond control for our previous governing bodies and hence usher you into a new era/new year of hitch free banking.

Without much ado,the meeting which was just concluded stipulated that you must activate your online account before you gain unlimited access to transfer your funds and the cost and other tax fee involved shall be waived with a waiver certificate issued to you for legal proof as stipulated in my previous email.

Sequel to the meeting held this morning by the board of banks, they have made final arrangements to the remittance of your funds.Your online account has been suspended because you have not transferred your funds since. Your account shall be reactivated upon your maximum co-operation now.

I am sorry to let you know that your online account has been dormant ever since and will only be re-activated on your co-operation.That is why we have advised you deposit a minimum balance of $100.00 usd which you could still withdraw at your own convenient time.

Your online account was previously suspended because you were adamant to the instructions on how to make your transfers.You are to reactivate your account with an initial deposit of $100.00 usd and do this now that you are privileged.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:The bank will not charge you for any upfront payment or charges,the said $100.00 usd is for the reactivation of your online account and waiver thereof. Hence,it still remains in your account which you will be free to transfer as well if you like to your local bank.

In light to the above,you are to post the reactivation amount directly to our accounts department with the information below via western union/Money gram money transfer for proper records;

Receiver's name: Mr. Joe Osadebe
Receiver's address: 34 road, Satander R close, Festac Town.Nigeria.
Text question: reactivation
Text answer: Assured.
Amount: $100.00 usd
Sender's name/address..........................

Endeavor to effect the payment as soon as possible and send the information now that you have the opportunity. I shall hereby await your prompt response with payment info attached. I have also attached a copy of my identity card for proper identification.

Yours In Service,

Dr Steve Pateman
Executive director,
Forex transfer department,
Santander bank,United kingdom.

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