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Henderson Igor / The Clydesdale Group / Grenfell & Yorkshire Private Offshore Bank ES / Fraud Scam

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:50:43 +0100
Subject: Re: Online Diaspora Offshore Account
From: "Grenfell & Yorkshire Group"

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To Whom It May Concern
Attn:Parson Daily,

Thank you for requesting our private online offshore Banking services,we will appreciate you been our customer for private banking offering a level of client confidentiality, professionalism and reliability that remains unparalleled.

Grenfell & Yorkshire Bank (Swiss Grenfell & Yorkshire Bank)is an offshore,commercial bank in England and Wales, a division of Clydesdale Bank, which in turn is a subsidiary of National Australia Bank. It mostly operates in the North of England, especially in Yorkshire. In 2006 underlying profit rose 16.7 per cent to £454 million compared with a year earlier, while post-tax earnings climbed 12.8 per cent to £229 million. Total income was up 8.7 per cent at £1,193 million while net interest income climbed 14.6 per cent to £769 million.

Thus,due to this headline and your request to holding a Diaspora Online Offshore Account with our Bank,the Account department will process your account in accordance with our responsibility,since this Bank will be opening/activating an online offshore Based operational account in your favor to enable you carry out your swift and secured online Banking services.

Our Terms and Condition:

It is better we Educate you on the Terms and Condition of our Private online offshore operations.

1.You will be entitled to enjoy the facilities on a residential account holder(Cheques,anonymous Atm Card or Debit Card)as well as loan facilities to enhance your business investment after 6months of your consistent Banking with us.

2.You will be required to activate an operational account with us with a minimum initial deposit which will be deposited in your operational account to satisfy your account and make it functional.

3.This Bank does not entertain cost of transfer hence it is a Zero COT and your deposit accrues interest after a period of 3months(Co-operate).Be advised that you will be allowed to enjoy these facilities With our Bank due to the fact that we are a private offshore Bank.

4.Your privacy is assured since our web/home page is secured and can only be accessed by our customers and not intending customers.


1).Strong privacy policy,bank secrecy,a principle born with the 1934 Swiss Banking Act.

2).Less restrictive legal regulation low or no taxation (i.e. tax havens)

3).Easy access to deposits also in terms of international monetary regulation.

4).Protection against local/international political or financial instability.

Send and receive secret bank wires .
Earn Tax Free Interest - in Euro, US Dollar or British Pounds.
Form Secret Offshore Companies -- Including Bearer Share Corporations.
Anonymous tax-free investments in stocks, bonds, commodities, options, forex, and futures.
Buy and Sell Gold and Silver.
Enjoy Instant Access to All Your Funds through the Bank Card network.

Do find below the type of accounts that are available to you in our Bank:

1.Diaspora Current Current Account:The initial deposit is €1,000.00,the maximum transaction possible within a month is €2,000,000.00.(Two Million Euros Only).

2.Diaspora Domicile Savings Account:The initial deposit is €6,000.00,the maximum transaction possible within a month is €5,000,000.00 (Five Million Euros) and above.

For your account to be processed and activated immediately, you are required to ascertain your understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions of operation by indicating the choice of account that is suitable for you to hold with our Bank,and do fill out the attached account opening form and return with a valid ID document either a drivers lisence or passport copy.

We will await your correspondence to enable us advice you accordingly on the necessary steps of completing your account opening and paying your initial deposit to enable your account functional.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation as all of our professional Bankers are all on ground to provide you with an Excellent services.

Best Regards,
Grenfell & Yorkshire Private Offshore Bank ES
The Clydesdale Group
Mr.Henderson Igor
CRM(Customer Relations Manager)
Carre maestro giver 18,pta 10
E 46101 Valenica, Spain

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