Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sarah Henshaw / Nigerian Scammer Fraudster

X-Originating-IP: [] Lagos, Nigeria!
From: Sarah Henshaw (
Subject: More Details!!!
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 22:55:26 -0800

Hello there, thank you for your response to my brief email, and your interest in becoming my partner. I also wish to apologize for any inconveniences caused. I am getting in touch with you regarding a huge sum of mine which I inherited from my late boss.

I am SARAH HENSHAW from the UK whom was a former Personal Assistant of a very wealthy business tycoon (Mr. Pietro Ferrero Jr.) here in the UK. Sadly, my boss passed on some few months ago. Upon his death I found out that my late boss left me the huge sum of (GBP 14,000,000.00) Fourteen million pounds! and I must confess this has not gone dowm well with some persons and is causing a lot of controversy here. This has made me been leaving in fear and I really need to get away from here immediately. But first, I have to make sure my funds is successfully and safely transfered from this Country, to where ever I shall relocate to. Morealso, for fear of my life, I had to seek the help of a foreign partner (Mr. Jack T. Wallace) in USA whom I used his identity to safely hide the funds in a secret Account with a Bank here in the UK. From where we planned to transfer the funds to USA for the both of us. But sadly, before we could successfully transfer the funds to USA, my partner took ill and passed on leaving me stranded and devastated. This has left me in a dere need for a new partner, to assist me successfully transfer the money to his/her country for the both of us. So my friend, all I need from you is to kindly continue from where my late partner left off and help me successfully transfer this funds to your country for the both of us. All I require is your trust, commitment and honest co-operation and I guarantee that this transaction will be over soonest.

Also I would like to inform you that my late partner and I reached a sharing agreement of 80% - 20% on the successful transfer of the funds to his Country. So since he is no more, and if you agree to become my new partner, you will now be entitled to the 20%, while I get 80% as the owner of the funds. If interested please provide me with the following information below so that I can immediately arrange the necessary Agreement Letter needed.








Please, note that I am a young lady who is just fortunate enough to come into this funds due to my good working relationship with my kind hearted late boss. He was a like a father, brother, and my best friend. I really do need your help to transfer this funds out of Uk soonest to your country, and start a new life there also with your help. I just want to enjoy my money in peace without always having to look over my shoulder. I fear for my life here and I would be indeed very grateful if you help me out. My life is in your hands now my dear friend and I would really do anything to show appreciation when we finally meet. Please if you are not clear on any issue and need to speak to me, kindly call my telephone number +447024093738. I await your swift response on this. Thank you and God bless.

Kind Regards,
Sarah Henshaw.

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