Friday, January 6, 2017

Scammer Impersonating Milestone Hotel / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! and Never Wire Money to Strangers!

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! 

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Dear Victim

We refer to your earlier forwarded application for job engagement with relations to the Milestone Hotel London and job reference number: MTS/NH/GRA 087657-16. On the above subject matter, the Milestone Hotel management are pleased to offer you the position as stipulated in the attached contract letter by our organization. We are excited about the potential that you bring to our Company, In due time on your arrival to London United Kingdom to resume duty officially you will report to the Human Resources Department at the Company premises, where you will be provided with packet containing information on Milestone Hotel. Your job commences immediately after the orientation for new executives.

• Final take home monthly salary after tax and deductions £3,500 Pounds.

• Free medical care in United Kingdom for contract duration.

• Life insurance Policy, Maximum and efficient security both in work place and housing.

• Accommodation (Four-Bed-Room Apartment for married staffs relocating with their family and One-Bed-Room Apartment for single staffs, this accommodation is free)

• Free meal according to your choice dietary

Duties and Responsibilities: Your job profile remains the same as stated in the Job Application/CV which we have used as a basis of selecting you to work for us. The full breakdown of your job duties and responsibilities will be made known to you on resumption of duty. The management will be conducting a seminar for all foreign/international employees joining our services to enlighten them more about our Company, their job profile, and to enable every employee get to know each other. 

Joining us

Visa/Residence Permit: Applicants are required to secure their Visa/Residence Permit from the office of the UK Embassy in their respective home country, on know account should the employee request the employer to procure his/her travelling document(Visa/Residence Permit) which will automatically disqualify the job applicant.

Flight Ticket: Your flight ticket fee shall also be sent to you by the management of Milestone Hotel to enable you receive your flight ticket in time; free family flight ticket will also be issued to you if we are aware that you are relocating with the members of your family as it is stated in contract letter (i.e. wife, husband and two of your children under the age of eighteen years)

Reimbursement: You shall be provided with our Reimbursement Application Form where you are expected to fill out all expenses incurred by you while embarking on this as well papers and every other expenses you absorbed in the course of joining us, while submitting the form back you are to attach receipt of these expenses you mentioned in the reimbursement form as valid proof that such expenses were actually made by you. please find attached herewith, relevant document containing the soft copy of your contract package for your signatory authentication perusal and approval.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Billy Jones
Personnel Manager
Tel: (+44) 87 1974 3056
Milestone Hotel, United Kingdom,
Kensington Ct, London W8 5DL, 
United Kingdom |
+44 87 1974 3056 | 

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