Wednesday, January 25, 2017

John Smith / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Sent: 24 Jan 2017 10:05

Dear Victim,
> >  
> Thanks so much for the updates regarding the process of your
> traveling document.
>     Regarding expenses...Remember that we inform you that we shall
> take care of your transportation,Accommodation and also with your
> flight ticket. On the issue of flight ticket ,It will be after when
> your visa and work permit document is out,because without the visa
> number we can not book for your flight ticket.As soon as we confirm
> your visa and work permit document is ready, we shall need the visa
> number to book for your flight ticket.All this document will be
> package and deliver to your doorstep.
> And secondly . The reason why we would not agree in assisting you to
> pay for all your traveling expenses is  because we are  going as far
> as paying half of the processing fee to justifies how  serious we
> are.We once assisted a job seeker to pay for all her  processing fee
> from Australia to London,after paying all the processing charges and her
> traveling document was deliver to her..Just for her to start making
> arrangement to depart and arrive here in London, she turned us down by
> saying she had another offer from China and that  was the place she
> intended going. Her traveling papers were ready so due to the  fact
> that she turned down the opportunity as well as futile our  efforts
> and wasting our money because the money was no longer  refundable as
> her papers were all ready and deliver to her home  address, We thought
> of it that had it been we have asked her to pay  half of the money,
> she wouldn't have turned down the job offered , because she will
> consider her money involved. This is accordance with our policy that
> applicant seeking to work with us must contribute to their traveling
> expenses as this will make the applicant not to change his or her mind
> after when the document is successfully deliver to their home address
> and he or she is willing to depart and arrive here before the date fix
> on the flight ticket expire.

>  We are not saying that you might  act the same way.. just taken
> precaution so that we don't waste money in vain and also loose the
> applicant,however..since we have promised you the job and we really
> would like you to take it up, we really don't mind to sponsor more
> than half  payment but believe me, you'll still show us commitment, we
> consider it very important due to our right now ..kindly let
> us know the date you want to pay the 425 GB Pounds so that we can both
> make the payment the same day in order for process of your traveling
> document to be ready on time. We advice you to proceed with the
> payment and we assure you that ..the money will be refunded back to
> you at your arrival here in London.All you need to do is to keep copy
> of the payment receipt and bring it along when departing from your
> country to London.

>  As soon as your UK Visa Document is ready .. We shall start making
> arrangement for the booking of your Air ticket. All this document
> including your Flight ticket will be package and deliver to your Home
> Address.  So you only need to send the payment receipt of 425GBP and
> that is the only payment that will come from you while the rest of the
> expenses will be taking care of by Us. Remember that the company is
> also providing Food and Uniform to all Staff. So  you only need to
> pack some few items when coming so that it will reduces too much
> luggage's on board  when departing from your country.

>  So therefore we advised you to kindly comply with their instruction
> ..Fill the Visa application and submit it back along with the
> processing fee of 425GBP so that they can quickly finish the process
> immediately .

>  Kindly re-confirm to us the nearest airport location so that once the
> visa document is ready. we shall start making arrangement for the
> booking of your flight ticket.

>  We hope to hear from you soon once you have completed all the
> formalities needed to start working on your visa document.

>  Hope you understand why we have to take this step and we also hope
> that we have eased your situation  well enough.We can't wait to see
> you arrive here soon.

>    We await to hear from you ASAP.

>   Congratulations on your success.

>  Best Regards
> Mr John Smith


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