Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ielstonline.wordpress.com (Cameroonian non-delivery scam)

Most of these non-delivery websites selling fake documents, illicit drugs etc.., are setup by scammers from Cameroon living in various countries.
Regardless of product advertised, they never ship anything. Here are some that have been formerly identified ==> http://stop419scams.com/viewforum.php?f=7

https://ielstonline.wordpress.com (Cameroonian non-delivery scam)
skype: linda.j97
whatsapp: +237683785078
Phone: +237683785078
WEBSITE: ielstonline.wordpress.com

More Cameroonian Non-delivery scammer below...
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documentationteam414 / skype: carthy.meds / Can call . 00 237683724939
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***ALL non-delivery scams***


  1. ltd.expressdocs@yandex.com , ExpressDocs LTD
    Skype : expressdocs

    Below are money transfer details they usually share

    FirstName: Leonie
    SurName: Mougoue
    Country : Cameroon
    City: Yaoundé
    Post Code: 00237
    Cash pick up
    Email tliam@iname.com

    First name: JOEL PHILIPPE
    Sur Name: ESSINDI
    Country: Cameroon
    City: Douala
    Post code:00237
    Mobile money transfer : +237671821417

  2. yes it is totally fraud.. Fake idiot names are below:

    First Name: jOSEPH nYOH
    Last Name: Chendum
    cITY : yAOUNDE
    Address: Avenue Charles De Gaulle, BP 818
    ID type: National ID
    ID NO - 103068004
    Phone no - +237655738814

    First Name: Fedrick Forba
    Last Name: Ngufor
    Country : Camerron
    City: Douala
    Address: 611boulevard dela liberte
    postal code: 00237

  3. Western Union details.

    Givenname: JOSEPH NYOH. Surname: CHENDUM
    Country :Cameroon
    City : Douala
    British council street Akwa north
    Zip Code : 00237


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