Saturday, November 19, 2016

HDR INC. / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! 

Engineering Company.
8404 Indian Hills Drive. Omaha,

NE 68114-4098 USA.

Dear Victim

How are you doing over there?. I would like to say it’s a wonderful weekend here in the United States, hope it’s also with you and your family over there in your country as well?.

First of all, the entire management are really happy with good news received from our immigration lawyer after the completion of your job file approval by authorities in charges, which permitted you to work with us as part of HDR Incorporated here in the United States. Also with an Appointed Immigration Attorney who has been appointed to defend and guide your visa and work permit file in our embassy.

We are really glad to write this message to you on behalf of the entire managements of HDR Incorporated with  good impression over this good news, which gave 100% (percent) hope to start experiencing continuity the dawn of a new era in our Facility through your positive role you are coming over to play in your duty with us.

This is to notify you  that our company has forwarded all the necessary required supporting documents to our immigration lawyer (Barr Sarah Goodman) to contact our embassy in your country through the appointed immigration Attorney assigned from our home office here in the United States, to defend your file at our Consulate office,  U.S Embassy in your country.
Part of the documents will be handed over to you by the Appointed Immigration Attorney on your appointment date with the embassy, for your entry visa and work permit.

Also know that your file has been grouped in diplomatic  preference through our company efforts by providing all the necessary required documents to our U.S Citizenship and immigration Center which concern about foreign workers through our company immigration lawyer, that's why you will not experience any difficulties on getting your visa and your work permit, all the necessary approval has been done ,an appointed Immigration Attorney has been assigned from our immigration home office here in the United States, to guide you through and get your visa and work permit without any delay or get denies  on your entry visa and work permit .

Your visa and work permit is 100% percent guaranteed through the appointed immigration Attorney in charge, all you need to do, is to make sure you follow all the instructions of the embassy and the immigration Attorney over there in your country, in other to meet up with appropriate time of our expectation of your resumption’s date with us here in United States.

We urge you to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney in our embassy in your country, through the contact details sent to you from U.S Citizenship and Immigration center, which was also copied to our company as well.

Here's the contact details which is also stated in the United States immigration Authorization:
Name:  Mrs. Hannah Logan
Tel:    +918010997261
U.S Embassy New Delhi,India.

 Make sure you contact the Immigration Attorney with immediate action over your visa and work permit process.

 Keep us inform with every progress on your visa and work permit over there, in order to confirm your flight ticket without any delay.
Find the attached file to download  Employment Certificate and U.S Immigration Authorization Letter to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney in your Country.
Once again, we are really happy to welcome you here to start experiencing your positive impart in our Company. 

Note: You must notify us if the resumption date stated is Not okay with your current work place schedule, so that we can be able to review and extend your resumption date. 

Best regards,

Tim Connolly.

Executive Vice President & Chief
Human Resources Officer

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