Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shell Oil Company London / Fake Lottery Scam Fraud

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Dear Lucky Winner,

Release Notification of Your Award Winning Prize of (Rs.3.7 Crore Indian Rupees).
The Board Directors, members of staff of Shell Oil Petroleum Award Promo wishes to congratulate you as approval has been granted for the
payment of your Shell award winning prize of (Rs. 3.7 Crore Rupees) only, Winning certificate and all relevant document that will empower
you to get your award winning fund logged into your nominated bank account. The Shell Petroleum Company National Board of Directors has
mandated us to transfer your Shell Oil Petroleum Company award winning prize 2016 fund to you through (RBI) Reserve Bank of India.
About Shell Petroleum Development Company Mobile Number Users Lottery Sweepstakes.
Shell Petroleum Company is one of the Biggest Multinational Oil and Gas Company in the world that specialized in exploring, refining and
marketing of Crude Oil and has been rated largest oil and gas producing company 17 good times, ever since we started operation in 1916. Due
to the profit max of the company, we were mandated by the United Nation (U.N), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Company (OPEC),
and the World crude oil monitoring forum to always use a reasonable percentage of our yearly profit to help the society at large. It is in view
of this that we have always empowered and assist some lucky individuals and non-governmental organizations like the (UNICEF), WHO,]
FUTUREU GROUP, WORLD ACTION COMMITTEE ON AIDS). Financially, Shell Petroleum Company is committed to giving most of these
organizations and lucky individuals a reasonable percentage of her annual profit to enhance and promote their activities for the sake of
On March 22nd, 1997 Global System for Mobile Users Communications (Mobile Users Technology) signed a memorandum of understanding
with the Shell Petroleum where Shell Petroleum Development Company in conjunction with (U.K) National Lottery and a few others agreed to
always donate a reasonable percentage of her yearly profit out to promote the use of Mobile. I.e. Shell Petroleum Development Company since
1998 enhances a hundred users of Mobile Number Users irrespective of their network around the universes with financial assistance to
liberate their world and help their society with a better living. After the successful completion of our financial year of 2015 which ended
December 2015.
Shell Petroleum Company Board has realized profit which is about 95% higher from what we realized in 2014. It is in view of this that 3.7
Crore (Rs.3, 70, 000, 00.00 INR) have been released to be shared among 7 active lucky Mobile Number Users for the year (2016) leaving each
person with Rs. 3.7 Crore each. We are pleased to inform you that your Mobile Number was selected to be among the Seven Lucky winner of
the year 2016 Shell Petroleum Development Company Endowment Fund.
How You Were Selected? The Global System for Mobile Number Users always supplied Shell Company Board with 50,000 of active Mobile
Number Users yearly and your Mobile Number was submitted for a random selection by our Computerized Programmed Ballot System and
your Mobile Number was luckily selected among others therefore giving you the opportunity to claims for yourself a total cash prize of Rs. 3.7
CRORE Indian Rupees only.
Very Important Notice: Rs. 3.7 Crore Indian Rupees has been released in your name by our correspondent bank here in United Kingdom to
(RBI) Reserve Bank of India. You are to send your Complete Bank Account Details and your id proof to Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I) Transfer
Department immediately through this e-mail id: r-b-i-online-dpt@india.com
What to Do Next?
Contact (RBI) Transfer Department through This E-Mail ID :>>>> (r-b-i-online-dpt@india.com) With Required Details Below:
(1) Full Names:
(2) Valid Contact Address:
(3) Valid Contact Phone Numbers:
(4) Occupation:
(5) Sex
(6) Bank Name:
(7) Account Holders Name:
(8) Account Number:
(9) Bank Branch:
(10) Swift/ IFSC Code:
(11)Valid Scan Copy of Your ID Proof:
(12)To Receive Your Prize Money, Send the above details to: >>> r-b-i-online-dpt@india.com
As soon as RBI receives the required details above, they will expedite on your transfer immediately without hesitation.
Note: A special official diplomat (Mr. Parkins Michael) has also been assigned for the release and successful transfer of your winning prize.
Therefore, you are highly requested to cooperate with him for successful remittance of your fund.
Below Are Mr. Parkins Michael Departure/Arrival Details And Transfer Date of Your Winning Prize (Rs. 3.7 Crore India Rupees).
Name: Mr. Parkins Michael (Senior Diplomat)
E-mail: parkinsmichaels@gmail.com
Departure Date: 06/09/2016.
Arrival Date: 07/09/2016.
Transfer Date: 07/09/2016
Congratulations once again from all our staffs and thanking you for being part of our Shell Oil Petroleum Company International Mobile
Number Users Draw Award Promo held here in United Kingdom.
Caution: You are to keep all your winning information away from the general public for security reasons.
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. John Nelson.
Officer In Charge of Claims,
Public Welfare Department,
Shell Oil Company London,
United Kingdom.
E-Mail ID: (shellpet9@gmail.com).
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