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MAMMOTH HOSPITAL / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read 
Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! and Never Wire Money to Strangers!

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

Image Image
85 Sierra Park Rd, Mammoth Lakes,
CA 93546, United States

We have received your resume/CV  from SHINE.COM which they have send to our Human Resource  Department via Email in respect of Job Application to the vacant department/post of our new branch of Hospital (MAMMOTH HOSPITAL IN AMERICA) which we just opened in, AMERICA.
       With respect to your interest shown in working with our leading Hospital and with your
subsequence job application and submission of your resume/cv, The HR Department of this Hospital has gone through your profile and data’s , so our HR personnel’s has find your profile qualified to  work with Hospital management for the position you are applying for, due to your qualification, job experience. We hereby attached the online interview form and application form, you are required print out the forms in color, fill up these forms blue ink pen then scan and send it back to this same Email ID { }
with immediate effect as there is a very short time for this ongoing recruitment, in case of any delay of sending the filled scan copy back to us, your application for the same  job may be consider void.
You are to send the scan copy of the below documents to us along with the filled forms for verification.

1.       Your Passport Size Photograph Immediately. (SCAN COPY)
2.       Your College/School Certificates.  (SCAN COPY)
3.       Your International Passport.    (SCAN COPY)
4.       Your full size photograph.        (SCAN COPY)

NOTE:       If in case you are finally selected to work with our branch of Hospital here in, America, The Hospital Management will arrange for your visa with U.S Embassy in your country and we will direct you to a person to contact over there for your visa processing which we guarantee 100% assurance of getting your visa ready without any delay as we will provide all legal document required for a work permit visa and send it to the person who is to process your visa as we have a good relationship with the U.S Embassy worldwide, But be Inform that if you are selected here, you will have to be responsible for all your visa/traveling expenses till the end of your visa processing. Be informed that this management will not pay for your visa expenses, though this Hospital Management will pay back all your traveling expenses back to you as soon as your resume office here in the America, after your visa is being processed over there, we will book your flight ticket from your home country to the America for free, we will also provide you a free single or family accommodation in our staff quarter close to the

Doctors: Doctors form an important part of the hospital sector. Doctors generally do the work of consultation and basic diagnosis. There are many specialized doctors, who help in the detection and treatment of many diseases and disorders with the help of advanced technology. In this type of hospital job you can find jobs such as:

General practitioners
Nutritionist and Dietitian

Medical Assistance: Although these types of hospital jobs have been in existence for a long time, they have been categorized as allied medical services or supportive medical services. Such jobs in a hospital do not come in the main stream jobs of doctors and surgeons. Such type of medical jobs include:

Occupational Therapist
Surgical Technologist
Medical Assistant
Physician Assistant
Respiratory Therapist
Health Educator

Dental Section: One of the most preferred and 'in demand' jobs in hospitals is the job of a dentist. I need not explain much on this as everyone knows what a dentist does. However, here is a list of some dental jobs in a hospital:

Dental Technicians
Dental Nurses
Dental Therapists

Therapy Services: Another good and high paying career option in the medical profession is to become a therapist. Therapy services mainly include, providing various therapies to patients to ease mental as well as physical disorders. Here is a list of some good career options in this area.

Occupational Therapist
Recreational Therapist
Psychiatric Technician
Speech-Language Pathologist

Nursing: Nursing has wide career options. Nursing involves direct contact with the patient, taking care of the patient, performing regular checkups and giving daily reports of the patient's health to the doctor. Nursing jobs in hospitals include working in departments like:

Acute Care
Operating Room
Occupational Health
Ambulatory Care Services
Emergency Services
Geriatric Services
Community Health Services
Critical Care Services

Patient Care and Health Care Services: Patient care and health care services are jobs that involve information services, social and supportive working and maintaining patient relations. Such jobs include.

Medical Record Maintenance
Call Centers and Help Desks
Patient Relations Management
Communication Services

Hospital Administration Jobs: You must be wondering, what has administration jobs got to do with a hospital? But after all a hospital is an organization and you need to maintain hospital and medical records and accounts, take care of the employees, take care of maintenance, keep up relations with suppliers and contract personnel. Hospital administration jobs include:

Administrative Service Managers
Human Resource Manager and Executives
Accounting Head and Clerks
Purchase Officers
Operational Managers

Nowadays, applying for any type of job in a hospital is simple. You will come across many advertisements of hospital jobs online as well as in newspapers and medical magazines. All you have to do is apply either through the Internet or mail your application to the human resource department of the organization. But, make it fast as there are many people like you who are craving for jobs in hospitals, and you definitely cannot afford to miss the train! BEST OF LUCK!!!Regards,
Mr. David White

Email from Scammer Impersonating Visa Agent


Further to your visa processing, we already received the hard copy of your job offer letter from the 2016/2017" MAMMOTH HOSPITAL,AMERICA" recruitment organization concerning your visa processing in the department of state U.S diplomatic Embassy, your offer letter is hereby confirmed and here contains the details and what you need to obtain the renewable (DS-156 EMPLOYMENT WORKING PERMIT VISA)


 1. Scan copy 0f your original international passport"
 2. Scan copy of the printout of the attached visa Application form.
 3. Scan copy of Two passport photograph
 4.  Scan copy of your signed Job offer letter & Sponsorship working permit certificate" (Already received)
 5. Visa Processing Fees $532.633 US Dollars { Rs- 35,500 Indian Rupees }

      The attached Visa Application Form page which have to be duly filled and scan back along with the required documents mentioned and make the below payment in order to start your visa process within the next 48hours from now. If you don't know any of the information to be written in the Visa form, you are to kindly write not applicable. 
      The  MAMMOTH HOSPITAL, AMERICA has given proper information concerning the require document and interview for the process due to the organization recommendation on your behalf. You are to fill the form and scan it back with 2 passport photograph immediately and after receiving your filled visa form, we are to contact and send the information details to you on how to deposit your visa processing fees in order for you visa to be approved by the department of state government high commission U.S Embassy Mumbai.
       NOTE:    Your DS-156 WORKING PERMIT Visa will be ready within 10-15 working days due to your late response and immediately your visa is ready,you will receive a column call-up invitation letter to come down to the office with your document and your payment receipt for your finger print & visa stamping.


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