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ILLUSION OIL AND GAS / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! and Never Wire Money to Strangers!

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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DATED: 27TH SEPT 2016 
EMPLOYEE: Xxxxxxxxx
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: We have in file, your Resume and Job Application. After the evaluation of these documents, we found you qualified to work with our Team. Hence ILLUSION OIL AND GAS-ABU DHABI seeks to employ your services on this subject matter, and hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment by our HR Director - Adil Malia. Further details are as follows: You shall be expected to meet/liaise with the entire staff of ILLUSION OIL AND GAS-ABU DHABI for overview and updates bi-monthly. 
DESIGNATION: SR.EXECUTIVE (CORPORATE FINANCE) MONTHLY SALARY: You will be eligible to receive USD14, 000 (Fourteen Thousand USD Only) –Basic (After tax) Monthly. WORK TIMING: START 09.00AM TILL 12.00PM (BREAK), START AGAIN (02.00PM TILL 05.00PM). Work Days: Sunday – Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays are Holidays. 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off BENEFITS: Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, A 4 Bedroom Family Apartment in the Company’s Estate in Abu Dhabi.
Land Cruiser GXR 2016 model Brand New, for employees use during contract including Fueling. The company will be responsible for the Education of all your children. Dietary options, Customized cooks and Dieticians are available options. In case of local dishes, we have Chefs from various countries to handle such in the company’s expense. 
JOB LOCATION: ABU DHABI–UAE START UP DATE: 30TH OCT 2016 (FLEXIBLE) DURATION OF CONTRACT: 4 YEARS CONTRACT–RENEWABLE. Hazard/Inconveniences: 560.00 USD (Monthly) Car Maintenance: 1,089.00 USD (Monthly) House & Furnishings: 9,980.00 USD (Yearly) Entertainment & Recreation: 575.00 USD (Monthly) Travel & Events: 950.00 USD (Monthly PAID LEAVE PERIOD/ TRAVEL: All Employees are entitled to 1 month Paid Leave which can be taken once at a time or 2weeks apart on six months interval. All Employees will receive 5,880.00 USD Take home for each leave Period. Employer for each Inter-continental trip shall be paid USE 3,580 Flat Rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee. Travel shall be by business class/first class flight, or otherwise if necessary. However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel/entertainment allowance. Cost shall be substantiated and shall be the rate charged at the Period/time of purchase. Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' family only on employees' early notification to employer and as shall be requested by employee. 
EXPENSES BEFORE TRAVEL BY EMPLOYEES: Expenses made/incurred by the employee related to job before commencement of duties or Expenses made during Travel Plans, Processing of Travel Particulars ETC will be substantiated with receipts and Employer will reimburse the Employee not later than Five (5) working days after submission of Employee's expense Report and Receipts as proofs of such Expenses. Employer however agrees to reimburse fully all Travel costs and Expenses made by Employee. The agreement hereby binds Employer and Employee in that re-imbursements will be made fully to Employee upon presentation of Expense Reports and Receipts of expenses.

NON-UAE RESIDENTS: All Employees will pay for their Residence/Work Permits, as a proof of their seriousness to join us, and they have to contact PLANET TRAVELS LLC-UAE, in this regard. UPFRONT PAYMENT OF SALARIES: The two monthly salaries shall be paid in advance before Employees embark on journey to assume duty. This is to enable Employees settle all domestic needs before travel. As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. Employees are to note that 2-months upfront salaries are paid as soon as they procure and process the relevant Residence/Work Permit Documents through PLANET TRAVELS LLC-UAE and submit it to our Human Resources Department for Verification. All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in UAE shall be 75% paid into an offshore account to be provided by employee with the remaining 25% paid locally in UAE, if accepted by the Employee. ACCOMODATION/FEEDING: All Employees are expected to reside at the Company Staff’s Estate. There are 4 Bedroom Duplex, Brand new car , for Employees use during the period of Contract. Dietary options, Customized cooks and Dieticians are available options. In case of local dishes, we have Chefs from various countries to handle such in the company’s expense. 
MEDICAL EXPENSES: Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive VIP Health care for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family. OFFICE ASSETS TO BE PROVIDED BY EMPLOYER: Apple MacBook Air 13 128GB Laptop with a 13.3 inch High-resolution LED-backlit glossy widescreen display and supports powerful dual -core Intel Core i7 processor and DDR3 memory. It supports 128GB HDD that gives you ample space for all your work. Full time Internet access is also made available, Employer will provide each employee with one (1) landline and one (1) mobile telephone. This shall have a reasonable credit limit application per month TERMINATION: Termination without Cause. Either party may terminate this agreement without cause upon ninety (90) days prior written notice to the other.
Termination for Cause. Either party may terminate this Agreement for cause if the other party materially or repeatedly defaults in the performance of its obligations and has not cured such default within 30 days of receipt of a default notice specifying the default and the intention to terminate. 
FORCE MAJEURE: Neither party shall be responsible for any damages, delay in performance or failure to perform by Employee or Practice, if caused by any act or occurrence beyond its reasonable control such as embargoes, changes in government regulations or requirements (executive, legislative, judicial, military or otherwise), acts of war or terrorism, power failure, electrical surges or current fluctuations, lightning, earthquake, flood, the elements or other forces of nature, delays or failures of transportation, or acts or omissions of telecommunications common carriers. In particular, without limitation, neither Neither employee nor Practice shall be responsible for any interruption in Services caused by an interruption in or failure of Internet services. Employee recognizes that any such Internet or network outage if lasting more than a single 10 hour work shift may, if Practice scheduling allows, be credited against Employee's vacation time or may otherwise result in a prorated reduction in the contract minimum cash payment to the Employee. 
CONSEQUENCES OF TERMINATION: Return of Property and Confidential Information In the event of termination for any reason, Employee shall return to Practice all property and Confidential Information (as defined in Section15) received from Practice, Employee shall immediately cease using any passwords or other information provided by Practice for access to Practice's or Practice Client's information systems, and Employee shall return to Practice at Employee's own expense the Workstation and any other equipment or software provided to Employee by Practice. 
AMENDMENT: This Agreement may be amended only by a writing that is signed by both parties. SAFETY & SECURITY: Safety and Security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Company Premises are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free academic pursuit. 
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Recreational/Sports Facilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all Staff with no expenses to be incurred. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will also be made available to all Expatriates by the company's laundry and dry cleaning unit. 
The Employee is requested to contact the below office, which is responsible for the processing of his or her Valid UAE Work/Residence Permit Visa and then
should forward it to the HR of ILLUSION OIL AND GAS-ABU DHABI for Verification and confirmation. Hence any expenses incurred shall be refunded to the Employee after 5working days of concluding all Immigration Process. 
PLANET TRAVELS LLC-UAE 1910 International Tower, 
Capital Center Al Karamah Street 
Abu Dhabi Tel: +971523692373 

Note: That all UAE based employees' are to report personally to the Company with identification materials for signing and collection of hard copies of their contract documents. This is in line with the expatriate statuary law of the UAE in compliance with the AU (ARABIAN UNION) Anti-Terrorism Act.
 Congratulations on your success, 
Mr. Adil Malia
Illusion Oil and Gas-Abu Dhabi
EMPLOYEE SIGN………………………………………………….. ADDRESS………………………………………………………….… MOBILE…………………………………….……………………….. PASS PORT NUMBER……………………………………………… 

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