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This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read Why 

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!
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The STX OFFSHORE AND SHIPBUILDING COMPANY LONDON OFFICE will never lose or gain nothing for losing a new staff like you, for your good information the Visa Authorization department and the British high commission New Delhi, India in your country, not London here has sent a fax to us regarding your visa processing procedure which you have to follow, is not that you are perfect or extraordinary good because there are lots of jobless people in the United Kingdom here but base on our recruitment exercise meeting which permit to recruit few talented people outside the United Kingdom to share their knowledge and experience with us here in the company and you are one.
Agreement between the company and the British high commission in India is stated below:-

{a} All our staff follows the declaration form must register their document in the British embassy in their country.

{b} The company has agreed on the visa fee of 355GBP and Authorization fee that all staff must deposit through our regional recruitment account details that will be given to them through the assign diplomat to enable us to refund their fee back to them on their arrival in time because through the embassy it take lots of time and some staff does borrow the fee and when they arrive here it bring lack of trust if we are still waiting for the embassy confirmation on demand draft.

{c} We are going to send local air ticket from any location in their country to the British embassy for their passport submission ,visa interview, medical documentation and biometric exercise and back to their different location again.

{d} all our staff must not rude to their assign diplomat and follow all laydown rule and wait for their embassy invitation letter to visit the embassy not to constitute vexation at the embassy gate .
Once you made your visa registration fee on the agree account given by the embassy,kindly scan the deposit slip copy to the company so we can attach a copy to your file for refundable immediately you arrive here.


Scam Email From Scammer Impersonating Diplomat

According to the email, we received from a company in the United Kingdom (STX OFFSHORE AND SHIPBUILDING COMPANY) regarding your new employment, We have been appointed by the company to assist you in the processing of your visa (Tier 2, (General) visa, and International Agreement). 
These are the process and procedures for the issuance of your visa, The visa process will take 8 to 10 days, depending on your readiness and compliance, The visa will be applied here and the approval will be online through the BRITISH HOME OFFICE and until when it is ready for stamping before we can send you embassy an invitation letter to visit the embassy as you do not have any reason to roaming around before your visa stamping date, All required documents and visa application form must be scan and send to the embassy for the visa process, The management of your company has provide us with all required documents for your visa back up, The visa registration fee need to be paid before we proceed with the registration and process of your visa, Flight Ticket will be provided by the company management to visit the embassy for documents submission for visa stamping, medical documentation, biometric exercise and visa interview and again after your visa stamping date is confirmed.

Kindly follow the procedure below for your visa issuance, Fill up the attached Visa Application Form, scan and send along with the required under-listed documents and pay your visa fee on or before 1st October 2016 to initiate the process of your visa, In case you do not know what to write in some part of the visa form, leave them blank and we shall take care of it, Required needed Documents has been mention inside the attach visa procedure.

The Following are the details of payments of 355 pounds:-

* Registration Fee
* Documents Verification Fee
* Background Verification Fee
* Medical Fee
* Visa Fee
* Police Verification Fee (5 Metropolitan Cities) 
* Immigration Approval & Service Order

Processing Time and Fee:-

The time period of Visa Processing is 8-10 days, we will intimate you once the visa is approved and all the new updates will be updated to you on time. The processing charge is 355 Pounds (Rupees 31,000) and the flight ticket which will be provided by the company management.

As soon as we receive all the above-mentioned documents you will be informed of the Collection Account details for your visa fee (Cash Payment) by the management and an acknowledgement receipt will be issued to you for the payment.

Note: The same procedure needs to be followed by any of your family member that is accompanying you to the United Kingdom, form, documents and visa fee, Call or mail us for further clarification and your swift response is required to avoid any delay in the process.


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