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sofitel_hotel_washington@adexec.com / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to spot fake job scams!  
No real company offers you a job without an in person, face to face interview and no real company makes you pay any money even for a visa!  An "online questionnaire is always the
sign of a scam.  A free email address is always the sign of a scam.

From: Hotel Recruitment sof.hotelrecruitment@gmail.com
Date: 3 January 2016 at 06:21
Subject: Re: -Hotel and Restaurant Workers applicant
To: xxxxx

Thanks for the mail,

       We are very happy to read from you in regards of the Job . We have gone through your mail and we have seen that you are qualified for the Job ,  We are giving you this Job offer due to your
condition and we do not give the Job to any kind of person ,  Well the Job needs serious and hardworking people . the Hotel really need obedient workers .  As I said before to you, My brother  works as in American Immigration Department  and he will be very Happy  to see you come over to America  to work in the hotel as soon as possible . so we shall be paying you monthly and all your salary will pass through your account due to you desire , so below is the payment Schedule .

1- Well for one Month  , we shall be paying you 5000 Dollars per/Month  and an  allowance of 200 Dollars per  every week and the contract will run for 3 years which is renewed at your desire.

2- So we shall need your Service for 9 Hours , which mean you will be working from 8:00 Am in the morning .from 8:00 Am to 2:00 Pm you will have to go for 1 hour break and from 3:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm in the evening will be your close or end time .

3-So the Job which you are applying for.......Receptionist

So since  My brother  works as  at the American Immigration Department, he  shall prepare all the necessary documents  for you to travel to America . so we shall like to know the following information
 -Do you have a valid Passport............??
 - Do you have a Visa ......................??

                                   You will need the following
documents to travel with ...as below.
- City Permit......................................??
- work permit....................................??
- national insurance number..........??
- higher Authorization......................??
-letter of invitation.............................???

Some few question to answer..
- Do you have children which you will be coming to America ............??
- Do you have an Accommodation in America............??

Well, we are asking you this information to know if you have all this required documents and details , well if you do not have any of them you will need to tell us so that we can start arranging for your
Accommodation and start the process of your traveling documents .

Note :..Urgent
If you do not have any of this  documents which we are  asking as above the information you let me so that i can discuss with my brother for the arrangement for all this documents okay .

So i told you will need all answer so that we can start the proceeding with the arrangement for everything okay .

we hope that you understand and we want that when you to come America you shall have all Necessary documents for you to stay in our Country for long and work with us without problem okay
so we need all the information which are asking okay , so do get back to us so that me and my brother can start all arrangements for you to come over and work in America , your position of the Job is already book and you don't need any worry okay .And also do send to me your Skype id so that we can be talking more on skype as well as i can also send to my brother who works at the Immigration and also the one helping you for the arrangements of your documents okay....

So I will be waiting for your quick reply as soon as possible .

Thanks and waiting

From: Sofitel Hotel - sofitel_hotel_washington@adexec.com
Date: 20 January 2016 at 00:13
To:  xxxxxxxx
Hello to you ,
We are writing you this morning in regards of the call we received from the Embassy informing us  that your traveling papers has  been completely finished and now you are ready to collect and confirm before going to the Embassy , everything was successfully processed by the  grace of God . so you shall soon be coming over to U.S freely now without any problem .
So we are going to book you a flight once you collect this documents in your  home , i told you when the documents are completely processed , the Embassy  is going to send them through a carrier so that the documents can reach you on time . So right now he has taken the documents to the carrier company and register them under your  address so that they can transport the package over to you . so now  for the carrier to transport the package you  shall pay a certain sum of money which they are going to use to book a flight for your package . You shall be paying the sum of $250  directly to the carrier company so that they can transport your package over to you in  your location .  so my friend the  $250   will be paid to the carrier  company by you and you are not paying the  money to me but to the carrier company in here in U.S.A where  where the head office is. So you shall  contact the carrier company and make the payment to them so that they can transport the package to your  home address . so you need to pay the sum of $250  to them and when they confirm the payment they shall send the package over to you . Here is the  delivery service address were you shall contact them and they shall let you  know on how to make the payment ok and how to get your package  . so please contact the carrier service  with their address as below:
Customer service number : +1-587-716-3158
So my dear, once you contact them in order to get notifications regarding the delivery of your traveling documents, kindly keep me updated on everything ok

Another Scam Email

From: Express Delivery express_delivery_carrier_postage@fastservice.com
Date: 20 January 2016 at 14:06
To: Victim
Cc: Victim

U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services logo

We managed to link local and international skills, professionals with a very high level to secure Camair-CO to international status. Consistently, we have established a culture that enables our employees to develop narrow and long working relationship with their clients and their colleagues. In Camair-CO keep up the spirit of camaraderie and professionalism.

SHIPPING SERVICES PACKAGE OR PARCEL (a branch in Diego) INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR parcel , register here registration number 45867                 
Phone number: ......+237-67042-8739

Факс: 011237-771-76345
Dear Victims


  We have a package (DOCUMENTS) registered with us here in the PASS office in Douala, which has the following details.
      Registration number ......................... 45867
      This site (DOCUMENT) were registered here on 20.01.2016 from;

Sender ................Zita Lauerentine
The city of  ............................Washington
Address ......................... 806 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States
   Country ........................... U.S.A

      ***                                                                       (R)egistered E-mail ***

        NAME OF APPLICANT.......................
PERSONAL CONTACT...........................
HOUSE TELEPHONE NUMBER........................
CELL PHONE NUMBER ............................
    EMAIL ADDRESS............
Parcel come with all the necessary documents needed. But USA Delivery Company were running more check to be sure of the all your documents are okay,  where all accurate,  So the parcel is ready for shipment and Delivering. PACKAGE air

Non-Pacel tranquilizer rule is designed for the safety and well-being of your package during airline air cargo transport. Air parcel tractors USDA registered as an intermediate handler ... governed by rules, regulations, and mandates delivering Law .. AWA ... Federal law governing scheduled airline air cargo

Dear Victim, all the documents are properly for Delivery. We are waiting for transport fee for delivering for your parcel  registered in the security services to carry go ...

 Special delivery will cost $ 250 for delivery to your door step. You have to make the payment as soon as possible in order for us to place your parcel and get back to you with the delivery time. You are going to make the payment through cash transfers, which through Cash services money transfer agencies as quickly as in our airport. You have to use the names of our chief financial officer, later in this transfer, so if this information is been confirmed by you as well as the money for the delivery is with you now, you let us know so that we can send to you our CEO payment account details where you shall be making the payment for us to deliver the documents as early enough........
   So payment should be made as soon as possible, in order to deliver the parcel early enough. Also Write on US immediately when payment is made so we can make the completion of registration and details of your delivery with full  details, including the number and full name of the sender. PACKAGE air transport services is approved and appointed IATA .... air cargo.

Our agency, providing both domestic United States, Canada and Europe whole and Global Peace Package moving services through IATA member airlines and their passengers air transport services.

For all your pacel delivery, you need to trust. To pass. We quickly, safely and efficiently.

Thanks freight manager
Alex Van Elk



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