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This is a West Africa Import Export Scam.  Read  The website is fake!!  There is no tender offer, no contract!


Dear sir,

Thanks for your mail.

Firstly b,i want to inform you that this is a contract and not just an ordinary buy and sell.This is a contract between your company and a Federal Government of Nigeria Organization called the LOWER BENUE
RIVER BASIN  DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY.This LBRBDA is an Organization set aside by the Federal Government of Nigeria to tackle the problems facing the Middle Belt region and that was why they are looking for this huge supply from your company.I am just an agent to link you up with the LBRBDA which you are to deal with them directly and for them to know if you are capable to handle this contract and they will pay you for produce and supply.

Secondly,the Government of Nigeria will pay you upfront (in advance) before you start production and supply.But one thing you should know is that there are conditions of the contract which the Organization
will let you know before they will pay you the money so that you do not disappoint them at all.

I have seen the Invoice and it is OK.

Sir, I want you to know that there are other 6 companies struggling to win this contract and they are disturbing both the chairman and other members of the Tender Board for them to award the contract to their
firm. Some are even lobbying with money to make sure that they win the contract.Some  of them have done one contract or the other here before.

The chairman informed me that the Contract Tender Board is a very difficult office to deal with. If you can get the Contract Tender Board to approve the Tender, then the contract is as good as being
awarded to your company. The chairman informed me that the contract tender board is made up of 19 members, all of whom have votes. And any company seeking to handle the contract must have at least 10 out of the 19 votes to receive the contract. That is to say that at least 10 out of the 19 members must endorse your company before your company can receive the contract.

During the tender board meeting,some of the committee members were kicking against your company participation in this bid because you have not been dealing with the Organization  and also you are not a
registered company with the Organization which the law demanded. Some of the committee members brought their own clients to bid but the chairman assured me that with his veto power that he will do everything to make sure that you win the contract.I am very optimistic that the contract will be awarded to your company due to my relationship with the chairman as long as you will not disappoint.

I will like  you  to call the Chairman,Tender Board Committee on the phone line stated below and you should urgently forward the invoice to their email for official approval by the tender board committee, send the invoice to the below emails.

Attn:Engr.Isaac Ocheja,(Executive/Project Director)
KM 10 Mak-Otukpo PMB 2185 Makurdi.
Benue State, Nigeria
TEL:+234 806 7234774

Sir, Make sure that your director call him  on phone  in this direct telephone number:234-8161155430 so that he will see how important the contract is to you

Tell him that your company is capable of handling this project, try to make him like your company because a lot of companies are calling  him to get this contract but he has assured me he will give it to your
company. Tell him that you are ready to do everything  possible to get this contract. Let him know that I directed you to call him.

Do that and get back to me urgently.



  1. this is what I received from the group:
    Dear sir,

    Thanks for your mail and your offer which.
    I will like you to get intouch with the Organization directly and deal with them.

    You should know that this is a Federal Government Of Nigeria contract and not a private business.You have to work with them boldly so that they will award the contract to you.You have to adhere by their instruction as to enable you win the contract because their are still other companies who are also interested to bid for this contract,but the chairman have assured me that as long as your company is capable to handle this contract,they will award it to your company.

    You should forward the offer to their below official email address and call the chairman on phone with the number below:+234-8136006689 and let him know that your company is capable of handling this transaction.

    Contact them with this below information:

    Attn:Dr.Christie Silas
    Benue State, Nigeria

    Yours faithfully,


    1. is a fake website running a West Africa Import Export Scam. Read

  2. Regards
    Dr.Musa Ahmed
    Dyco Ventures LTD.
    No. 4B Hadeja Street
    Kafancan Kaduna-State
    Nigeria. West-Africa.
    Tel: +234 9076100102
    Dr. Chris Akinola Bode
    National President
    Bank: ING Bank.
    Address: Postbus 99960 8900 GA Leeuwarden,
    The Netherlands.
    Account Name: Kenneth Agochi
    Account Number: 0671455524.
    IBAN: NL34INGB0671455524.
    Permit me to introduce my self, I am Dr. Chris Akinola Bode,the contract board chairman of the River Basin Development Authority of which I have total control of all the board members in this commission and I am highly respected by them. I am a man of my word and I don't play with my believe or Faith.

    Gentlemen, I must say that you are very lucky to have a direct contact with me on this contract and I will do everything humanly possible to make sure that your company is crown with success on this contract as I sincerely promised to your local agent. All you need is to abide and comply with the commission procedure for contract procurement.

    Meanwhile, we have well received your invoice and we have decided to move forward immediately with you also request you to answer following question.

    1. I will like to know if your company has participate for any contract bidding in Nigeria or currently in any West African countries.

    2. Are you the company director because we prefer to deal directly with the CEO or General Director in contract matters who has final decision to take.

    3. We need full details of your shipment schedule of the order upon your receipt of the 100% payment T/T through our paying bank after the original agreement signing and legalization between both parties.

    4. The payment order will be released and transferred to your account within 48 hours after an official contract agreement is sign between your company and River Basin Development Authority. Please confirm acceptance.

    We will get back to you with out official acknowledgement letter upon receipt of your answer and the documents .

    Revert and call me immediately.

    Revert urgently

    Dr. Chris Akinola Bode
    National President
    Yours faithfully
    Barrister. Ezekiel

    Prime Law Public Notary Services,
    Plot 11C Effiong Street
    off IBB WAY Calabar. Cross River State
    Bank Name: ABN AMRO.
    Address: Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands.
    Account Name: A. N. Ogbonna.
    Account Number: 0569048826.
    IBAN: NL81 ABNA 0569 0488 26.
    Swift/BIC: ABNANL2A.


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