Monday, January 11, 2016

Ferret Pharmaceuticals / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  There is no job!  Do not send documents or money! Read  The email address is fake! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

Ferret Pharmaceuticals
54 East 29th Street
New York, NY. 10022
+1 646-8789010

Dear Victim

This is to inform you, that you have been appointed as a staff of this company. Our Human Resource Department has finally selected you for this season recruitment because your Experience and Qualifications were found qualified. In this regard, the Management has contacted the Home Office here for your visa application and they have appointed an immigration personnel in your country over there for the easy acquisition of your visa. 

Moreover, diplomatic personnel has been appointed in the U.S consulate affairs to be in charge of your visa processing. We request you to comply with him and do as directed by him. He is the one that will let you know all the visa processing procedures.

Be informed that you have to bear your traveling documents expenses (visa fee) upfront to prove your commitment and readiness to work with our organization. All your expenses spent on the visa processing shall be refunded back to you immediately on joining. As soon as you submit your expenses report.

We shall book your flight ticket and arrange for a free accommodation at the company estate immediately we confirm from the diplomat that your visa is ready. Get in contact with the appointed diplomat as soon as you receive this letter because you have a limited time to get your traveling documents ready as you are expected to resume here in office within Five weeks of receiving this letter.

Make sure you contact the diplomat immediately by calling him on phone and sending him an email.

His Name: Senior Diplomat Wright Philips.
Phone No: +91-7507680383
Email ID:


HR Manager.
Mr. Steve Ramsey.

Second mail from Scammer Impersonating a Diplomat-

Dear Applicant,

The Ferret Pharmaceuticals U.S.A has applied for a five years work permit visa for you based on the contract they have offered you, they have sent down all required documents to process your visa, they have also reached an agreement with the U.S Embassy here that they need an urgent visa application for you, The U.S Consulate has agreed and promised to issue your visa within ten working days from the day of application. You will be required to come on your visa stamping date with hard copy of your International Passport, I will let you know the exact date and time for your visa stamping and other required documents to come along with as soon as the U.S Embassy fix a date for your visa stamping, You will meet me on that date and I shall accompany you to the high consular's office for you visa stamping, In respect of this your total visa registration fee is $1,050 USD (Rs.69, 500)

Below is the Visa Fee Breakdown.

Fee Amount (in USD) Fee Amount (in INR) Visa Type Description
$190 Rs 12,920. H1
Fixed Visa Charges for
Workers and Employment,
$700 Rs 45,700. Charges
Visa Facilitation Services charge. (VFS)
Includes Non denial and Special Benefit Charge.
$160 Rs 10,880. B Petition charges.

Total Amount Rs 69,500 $1050

You have to make part payment of (Rs.33, 000) immediately by CASH into the bank account Officer in-charge of cash conversion to visa bounds before it can be sent to visa registration department to start your registration. You are required to send me the scan copy of your international Passport, recent passport photo along with the bank payment slip of the Rs.33,000 payment you made and give me a call immediately so that I can take the print out of your document and start your visa registration immediately. I will be sending you a visa application form which you have to fill then send it back to me and your acknowledgment receipt of payment which the Embassy will issue after the conversion of your payment to visa bound. Your immigration certificate will be approved within two days from the date of application. Kindly make the payment into any of the below account which is more convinient for you to enable me start your process. 

USA Bank Account.
Account Name:- U.S Embassy Homeland Ministry. 
ACC/No:- 325-046-745-990
Bank Name :- Bank Of America.
Bank Address:- 14513 Gilmore ST, Van Nuys 
California 91411.
Swift Code :- BOFAUS3N
Routing No :- 121000358

India Account of Officer Incharge.

NAME:- Icici Bank.
ACC/No:- 657405500339
Account Name:- Yuvaraj Golave.
IFSC :- Icic0006574
Branch :- Indore.
Pan Number:- ACNPV2651D

US Immigration Service.
Visa Department India.



    1. Yes, it is a scam. No real company ever uses a free email address. Read


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