Monday, January 4, 2016

Bridgestone Careers / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is fake job scam! Read  Only scammers use free email addresses because they cannot access the real email address of the companies they are impersonating.  If you get a job offer like this it is fake! Do not send any money or documents!
Bridgestone Careers 

Dear Victim

According to your entry application details and interview answers reviewed, the hiring management has considered to offer you the position as your details match our requirements, we inform you that you've been selected to join the company as we've attached your Offer Letter. Just a preview copy of the offer letter for your review but the company will send the original copy to you later with your other visa supporting documents.

If you plan to come with family like spouse and children, because the work is applicable to you alone, you have to come alone first and then obtain the family invitation and settlement documents to invite your spouse and children over. 

Kindly view the attached Offer Letter to read the Terms and Conditions and we will be expecting your acceptance message within 24 hours by telling us if you agree or disagree with the Terms and Conditions.

Ryan Dudley.
Bridgestone Tires.
District and Hiring Manager.

Bridgestone Careers 

As you read on USCIS page:
The work visa requires company to file your Labor Certification with i-140 petitions from USCIS and then company can provide your Job Offer Letter to support these documents that you will present at the Embassy to get your work visa. The USCIS issues Labor Certification after i-140 petitions filing and the petitions filing costs $580 -

Company pays $290 and victim also pays $290 for the petition fees because company has sponsored some applicants already but many did not join the company after receiving their petitions and visa documents, then company has decided to share petitions fees by paying $290 and applicant also pays $290 then company will refund this fee to you when you arrive. The company is trying to stop more applicants who only ask for visa helps but not joining the company after getting their work visa.

Ryan B. Dudley.
Bridgestone Tires.
District and Hiring Manager.

Bridgestone Careers 
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Reference on USCIS fee payments: 
The USCIS accepts payments by Bank Drafts, Cashier's Checks, Certified Checks, Personal Checks or Money Orders payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The company will issue a check payment and submit to the USCIS alongside your details for petition filing process and the petition filing starts when USCIS receives your details with the the check. You can send your $290 part fee by Western Union to company Account Officer and when he receives it, he will issue the $580 check payment out to USCIS for your petitions filing. 

Below is the Account Officer details for Western Union payment and when he receives the fee, he will issue the check payment of your petitions to USCIS.

Name: Dominique Juwuan Simmons
Address: 721 Town/Country Lane 
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States. 

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  1. Got the exact messages. Good thing I didn't bite 'cause I already saw that "Dominique Juwuan Simmons" name used on another post in this blog.

    I was also warned about fees being a sure sign of a scam. No decent multinational company would worry about a small amount like $580. They also seem to be clueless about Visa specifics if you probe enough.


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