Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel & Casino / /Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is fake job scam! Read

From: "Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel & Casino"
Date: 26 Oct 2015 14:16
Subject: Victim (Release of Visa Document for Delivery)
To: xxxxxxxx

Dear Xxxxxxx

    We have received your email and the content of your email is well understood, As a reminder , we explained to you earlier that this funds in question is not for payment of any service of such , neither is it payment for additional visa processing. Rather according to the British Embassy email, having gone through thoroughly , we came to understand this Funds in question is for only checking to ensure that prospective foreign UK bound employees are up to the standard of living on their own without the company support . Secondly is to ensure that no foreign employee constitute a public economic liability to the government.Thirdly .. it is to tackle the high rate of foreign employees that have intentions of not returning back to their country after the expiration of their visa and also the problem of foreigners that get stranded in UK due to lack of funds.

However , We have talk to the British embassy about on how important with urgently need your Service here and we pleaded on your behalf for them to reduce the Basic Travel allowance funds,which was accepted for you to only deposit Half of the Funds . Now on this issue of Depositing the Funds  , it is also explain that this Funds will be revert back to you the next day , once the British High Commission have completed the Verification process for your Visa document to be release.

We have talk to the British embassy about your financial status and we pleaded on your behalf for them to reduce the Basic Travel allowance funds,which they did . So therefore you are require to only deposit the amount of 750GBP (74,000INR). This is the highest we can go in assisting because this funds is your responsibility to check your financial and capability of you living and working in UK.

Kindly make arrangement to Deposit the Funds of 74,000 INR , we advice you to write to them and request for the ICIC Bank Account to make the deposit..

Hope this explanation will find way in your Heart to finish this final step of your Visa Delivery as we urgently need you to arrive here .

Best Regards

Email from Scammer Impersonating UK Embassy

Date: Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 3:57 PM

Attention: Victim

  We have received respond from your employer to provide the Account Details for Deposit. Kindly few below the Bank Account Details for you to make the Deposit of 74,000INR .   

 You are require to make the payment in India Rupees Currency at any ICIC BANK closer to your location.

Kindly view the details of the Bank Account details below.

Bank Name:                 ICICI BANK
 Account Name:            VIJAY KUMAR VARMA
Account Number:         180601000459
IFSC:                             ICIC0001806
Pan No:                         AWEPV6381K
Branch :                        VIVEKANAND NAGAR

Payment amount in India Rupees is  74,000 INR

Waiting for the Payment Receipt.

PLEASE NOTE..Payment must be done by physical handling over the cash to the Bank Staff (Cashier) in order to Deposit the Funds into the Bank Account provided above. Once you have make the deposit .you are require to email back to us copy of the Deposit receipt issue by the Cashier, so that we can confirm the payment and commence processing of your visa document. Reply to this mail after reading as it is very urgent.

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Yours Faithfully ,
Thanks for your co-operation.                     
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