Friday, November 27, 2015

ANDREW NICHOLAS / / Fake Job Scam Fraud


First mail from: ANDREW NICHOLAS (

Sent:  Thu 11/19/2015 9:22 PM

Thanks for your response to my advert on internet, I received your bio data which you have sent to me and also gone through it. Firstly i would like to elaborate on the job responsibilities, salary package and welfare.


You will be responsible to Manage and supervise and coordinate activities of household employees as the head of house hold staff. Also to inform and give instructions in work methods and routines to other employee’s i.e: Cooks, Cleaners, Office assistants, Laundry supervisor, mechanical engineer, machine operator,
Technical Design Engineers, Facility Maintenance,
Service Technicians, gardeners and bartender .

As the head of house hold staff, you will be ordering foodstuffs and cleaning supplies and keeps record of expenditures. Most importantly you will take proper care of the children and take them out for sport and other activities which they prefer.

the above are the job responsibilities which you have to take in charge. Regards the salary package, you will be paid 6,350 CAD Monthly and also 100 CAD as your weekly allowance. Free accommodation and food as well.

Kindly be informed that you must have a valid international passport before you could apply for visa in your country. If you are okay with the salary package and the job responsibilities, iwill instruct my lawyer to prepare a contract agreement document and a sponsorship certificate from my side that will enable the embassy in your country to issue a work permit visa.

For your prompt awareness, you will be taken responsibility to pay for your visa fees once it's require by the embassy in your country. I will only provide all necessary documents to the embassy and once your visa is issue, immediately i would send you a flight ticket. If the terms and conditions are satisfied by you, kindly send scan copy of your international passport and passport photograph for the contract agreement document.

Upon confirmation of your passport, my lawyer will prepare the contract agreement document and send you a copy. Here's my family pictures attached.


Second mail from: ANDREW NICHOLAS (

Sent:  Mon 11/23/2015 6:40 PM

Dear Applicant,

Your name has been shortlisted among the lucky candidate who successfully pass our family job process, we appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our family.
We have reviewed and considered your profile and your qualifications have made us to offer you the position of HOUSE MANAGER AND SUPERVISOR, because of your educational background and work experience.

As urgent as we required your job with us, we have signed an agreement with the immigration lawyer firm to fasten your job file approval processing within two weeks, also to get an appointed immigration Attorney from our home office here in CANADA, down to your country India, that will guide you through and be in charge of your visa and work permit processing with our embassy in your country,
in other to avoid visa and work permit procurement refusal and delay.
In this mail , Our contract agreement letter has been drafted and sent to the immigration lawyer (Barrister Blatts James Law Firm and Associate) to contact you on how to sign and return the contract agreement documents back to her firm for further processing of the approval of your job file  with us and for your visa and work permit file endorsement with our immigration home office here in Canada.
You will have further details with our agreement letter from our immigration lawyer anytime from now.
Thanks for your sincere heart to work with us here in Canada.

Warm Regards
Nicholas Andrew Family




Sent:  Wed 11/25/2015 7:26 PM


Dear Victim

In response to the Contract agreement letter received from The Nicholas Andrew Family Nova Scotia Halifax Canada.My name is Barrister Blatts.james The Attorney of The Family and the Solicitor.

At our law firm, we take pride in representing only two immigration classes: The Economic Class (professional/skilled workers, government approved immigrant investor program, entrepreneurs and self-employed) and the Family Class (U.S permanent residents or citizens wishing to sponsor a relative for permanent residence in United States)"Our law firm is led by Barrister Blatts.james who has over 18 years experience with U.S and Canadian immigration law.

Your Job profile and details has been received here in my office regarding the job opportunity given to you by the Nicholas Andrew Family as the HOUSE MANAGER AND SUPERVISOR of the family.Kindly check the attached file for the copy of the Contract Agreement letter.

The Employer will provide all required document for you to secure the Open Work Permit and Visa and as the Employer solicitor i will facilitate all the process in order to avoid application refusal or delay in the application process.

You are required to fill and sign the necessary column (EMPLOYEE NAME) on the letter and email it back to our firm for further processing.
NOTE: You are also advised to keep a copy of this duly signed Contract Agreement letter. A copy of this letter with other related documents will be sent to the  Canada Embassy in your country to facilitate the procurement of your Visa and your working Permit.
You shall be directed by the appointed Immigration Attorney from Canada Embassy in your country, upon receiving your duly signed copy of this Contract Agreement letter not later than 2 weeks after receiving this letter once your job approval has been fully processed.
Warm Regards,
Barrister Blatts.James Law Firm and Associates (ESQ)
(Soliciting Partner, US and Canada Immigration & Foreign Worker Affairs).
Tel: +1-4388004830, Fax: +1-4378004146

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