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# 6, Sansad Marg, Janpath New Delhi. 110001.
Ref.No. IDMD /5531 /08.02.33/2009-10
Office: +919899609706.
Email: online.dept@rbisecured.in
Date: 13th Aug. 2012.

Attn: Victim

We, the Online Banking Dept RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, Wish to Officially Inform you that we have received the transfer request from Mrs. Liliane Bettencourt Account with # 263-800-0976 ( RESERVE BANK OF INDIA)our bank to that of yours Dated on 11th Aug. 2012 in amount of Two Million,Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterlings (£ 2.4M)Only.

After due verification and confirmation,to proceed with the transferring of this funds to your nominated account as the rightful beneficiary to the funds Kindly be informed in accordance with the International monetary funds (IMF) recent Laws, It is against the Indian banking system to transfer funds out from Indian to a foreign account above $500,000 .00 United State Dollars without the IMF/Indian Government Approval. This is in accordance with the Sept. 11th 2001 attack and issues of terrorism etc.and the recent amended Law in section 106 of the Indian Banking system in agreement with the IMF,which is to ensure the legalization and registration of all transaction with the Indian Government to checkmate the inflow and outflow of currency from the Indian to Non Indian Resident bank accounts,

In order to make the transfer easy we advise you activate an online account with our bank as we operate an IN-HOUSE transfer where we activate an account in your name similar to that of your nominated/receiving bank in your home country.In this regard we transfer the funds to that of your account with our bank then you can transfer out to your home account on your own at any given time you deem necessary without attention.

We also wish to inform you that the said funds was deposited as a FIXED DEPOSIT by Mrs. Liliane Bettencourt on 08th-Dec-2009 and last accessed 8th-Dec-2009, in that regard the account is now dormant due to it's non usage, since its a FIXED DEPOSIT all funds have to be transferred in a single transaction.

In that regard,we operate 2(TWO)Types of On line transit accounts ,charges for activating these accounts differs on nationalities as stated below:
PREMIER ACCOUNT.(Enables you transfer all your funds in a single transaction)
CURRENT ACCOUNT.(Transactions only limited to £200,000.00 per week )

US Citizens(£270)+ Proof of Residence/International passport.
Foreign citizens Of other nationals are requested to provide additional documents to be eligible to hold this account with our bank and fee of £250.00

US Citizens(£200)+ Proof of Residence/International passport.
Foreign citizens Of other nationals are requested to provide additional documents to be eligible to hold this account with our bank,and bank and fee of £200.00

Please find enclosed copies of account opening form in your attachment and other document as received from Mrs. Liliane Bettencourt (your referee) ,upon receipt of filled account opening form and readiness to make payment of account activation fee we shall send to you details to make the payment for the account activation via Bank tranfser of WESTERN UNION / MONEY GRAM DEPT. for swift execution/transaction, upon confirmation of payment your account will be ready and your beneficiary funds will be transferred into your new account and information forwarded to your email before 24 hrs to that you can make your transfer as soon as possible.We apologize for any inconveniences this might cause .

Without the IMF document/Indian Government Approval or the ONLINE TRANSIT ACCOUNT activation,We cannot proceed with the transfer of the funds to your nominated account.

You are to activate a POUNDS ACCOUNT due to the deposited funds,a copy of this message has also been forwarded to Mr. Liliane Bettencourt(the Depositor) for her acknowledgment. We apologize for any inconveniences this might cause you.

We look forward to serving you better


Mr. Saif Assad
Direct Office: +919899609706.
Email: online.dept@rbisecured.in
Online-Banking Dept.
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  1. Is this a scam, I also receive an email saying A certain Gloria Mackenzie wants to donate 2 million USD to me and same bank address

    1. Of course its a scam, you don't really think some stranger wants to donate 2 million dollars to you do you...


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