Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scammer Impersonating Shell Oil Company / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is an email from a scammer impersonating Shell Oil Company.  Notice the free email addresses!  Please read:
From: SHELL OIL AND GAS UK (Bdmisten@gmx.co.uk)
To: Victim
Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2012 11:51 AM


Oil and Gas United Kingdom
Shell Human Resources Department
Shell Centre
London, SE1 7NA
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-844-77270-83
Fax: +44-844-77270-58


This is to acknowledge receipt of your acceptance to our employment offer. As you are aware that you have limited time to report here and commence training and work, you should therefore begin the processing of your necessary travelling documentation immediately.

Please note that you would require a UK Visa and Work Permit to be able to come here and commence training/work. The company shall provide you with a work permit and other necessary visa supporting documents. Also note that a sum of Two Thousand British Pounds (£ 2,000.00) has been approved for your visa expenses/travel allowance and these funds would be made available to you along with your flight ticket/itinerary as soon as we confirm your visa readiness. Be informed that you would be responsible for your visa application fee at the moment and you have 14 days to process and forward your visa proof as instructed from our Headquarters.

If you know the processing will delay from your side then I would suggest you contact Barrister Garrard McLaurin. He is a renowned Immigration Lawyer here in the United Kingdom and he works directly with top immigration officials at the UK Border Agency which not only make the processing easier but also faster. Ask him for information on how to obtain a UK Visa or simply ask him to assist you to process your visa documentation. Contact him via this email address: ( grdmico@laposte.net ) and let us know as soon as you hear from him. You are required to acknowledge receipt of this email.

Bryan Edmisten
HR Department
Shell Oil and Gas UK

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  1. recruitment@shelloilandgas.com

    Shell U.K. Limited
    Shell Centre
    London, SE1 7NA
    Great Britain.

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ,

    Thanks for your email and for also sending back to us the answers interview questionnaire which Shell U.K. Limited management has found satisfactory.

    Kindly find attached herewith our job offer contract letter.

    You are to read carefully the employment contract letter and if everything is fine with you, sign and send back to us as an email attachment, the signed letter and since you are an EU citizen with an EU passport, you would be eligible to work here in the UK.

    You would also find in the contract letter that the only fees which is required of you to pay is your A.R.F (Accommodation Registration Fee). The A.R.F would be paid once and then you would be entitled to live at the Shell U.K. Limited staff quarters for a period of one year without paying anymore rental fees. Also, the A.R.F would also have to be paid before your arrival, so as for us to provide you with an accommodation registration number, which would have to be recorded in your employment file before it's been saved on our database, so do take note of this.

    For more information please do not hesitate to write back to us and we would be looking forward to receiving the signed contract letter.


    Trui Hebbelinck ,

    HR Administrator.


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