Wednesday, August 29, 2012


If you get an email from the below scammer, its a scam.  There is no job!  Just a scammer trying to steal your money.  Here is an ad from the scammer:

WORKERS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED TO WORK IN LONDON. FLIGHT TICKETS AND ACCOMMODATION TO LONDON WILL BE PROVIDED. CANDIDATE INTERESTED MUST HAVE A VALID INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT, ETC. For more details contact below mail id and send a copy of your resume to SIR.EDWARD LANCE (H.R and TRAINEE OF Hilton International Hotels Ltd London EMAIL: real company ever uses a free email address)
TEL: 00447017742847 (This is a scammer number)

SIR EDWARD LANCE is the scammer who sends you to another scammer::
Peter Beckingham (No real government uses a free email address which is what @consultant is)


  1. I agree therefore I have found emails coming through from the relevant scammer . Please be aware that this fraud has been advertising via the web job vacancies & many has responded back to him as he is now asking for a PASSPORT number !

  2. I agree. I just received similar email regarding the urgent job vacancies last week. I tried to verify the number through my friend living in UK and finally knew that these are fraudester. Please be aware of this scam

  3. how about this?

    Dear Applicant,
    This is to acknowledge receipt of your application/resume to work with Hilton Hotel London, United Kingdom; and the Management has considered hiring you for your service. Attached herewith is an interview Form containing some questions which the management would like you to answer? You are to print out the Interview Form and answer the questions therein after which you are going to send a scan copy of your answered interview form to us via email.
    Applicants must be enterprising, creative and energetic, eager to accept new responsibilities and challenges. Some job positions are still vacant. All qualified candidates will be given appointment irrespective of their race, gender, national origin, veteran status and age.

    As soon as we receive your reply to our questions we will send you more details as regards your job application. I want to also inform you that the Management will fully support you as regards the procurement of visa and all other supporting documents that would be required for you to proceed to United Kingdom if you’re selected to work with our reputable company.
    Fredrick Mark
    HR Manager.
    Tel: +447010068231

    1. It is an obvious scam! Pay attention! Read


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