Saturday, August 25, 2012

Barrister Gill Raph / Next of Kin Spam Fraud

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Let this business proposal I am putting forward to you herein not be a surprise to
you. I know you will ponder on how I got your Contact and why you.
I got your email address while searching for a Business minded person who I can
transact a discreet business that I want to introduce herein to you.
Before I continue, I am Barrister Gill Raph Legal practitioner in South Africa.
I had a client Al Yadah Fayad ( An Arab Based in South Africa for Gold Merchant)
Diseased who died in a Car crash with his wife Rakiya Fayad and two children in
Cape Town in 2004. Eight years ago.
Before the death of Al Yadah and his family, he had an account with a Bank (To
be disclosed when Due) with the amount of $18.4Million (Eighteen Million, four
hundred thousand Dollar).
Al Yadah Fayad was a a Very Successful Gold Merchant who also invested much in
Oil during the Gulf War. He was an Arab millionaire. Originally from Kuwait.
Since his death, as the Family attorney, the Bank concern have instructed me to
present a next of kin of late Al Yadah as I am in the Position to know his relative
because in the Banks record, Al Yadah’s next of kin is his Late wife Rakiya. I have
tried to locate his family members but to no avail and no one has come forward to
me that he or she is related to him.
As you may know, I cannot present my self because the Bank will not accept as I
am the family Attorney but who else I may present will be accepted.
At this Juncture, I have no option than to look for a Trust Worthy person to present
to the Bank so that the Bank can payout the $18.4million to him or her. As I have
nothing to gain leaving the money in the Bank.
Based on this, I decide to contact you so that I can present you to the Bank and get
the money pay out to you then we can share the money 50% for you, 40% for me
and 10% to cover any incidental expenses that you and me may incur in the process
of the money being transferred to your account.
Please this deal is a 100% risk free and simple but confidential. I will want to say
clearly to you that all expenses or financial commitment incurred within this period
of transfer by both party will be reimbursed with the 10 percent set aside sum once
transfer is confirmed in the beneficial account. Waiting to hear from you.
Reply to:
Thank you very much
Barrister Gill Raph ( )
+27 83009763

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